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Monday 6 December 2010

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. This is one of my favourite baubles on our tree this year.
2. A Saturday afternoon nap is such a treat once in a while (and I adore this Dwell Studio bedding).
3. Justina rocks a craft project.
4. Hello, new favourite table, such a pleasure to meet you.
5. Oh, and new favourite china, too. What a treat!
6. Festival is the latest wallpaper design by Mini Moderns and it's freakin' brilliant.
7. This pillow reminds me of these plates.
8. Claudia Pearson's 2011 range looks set to be her best yet.
9. How could I resist? This tie is adorable!
10. Show me a deer and I'm sold.


  1. striped china and striped sheets - awesome!

  2. I am loving the striped coffee service, very Rosenthal of the 60's, and the tie, I need it it. Bon weekend Will

  3. Love the striped tea-set! Hope you had a fab weekend Will :)

  4. I love that wallpaper and that deer bedding! Oh and the tie is cute too :)

  5. Oh deer, I love them all!
    Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  6. Happy new week to you Will. The table is hand made in Seattle! And it is only $60! (Do you want me to ship it?)

    ox, Mon

  7. Loving the tie and the striped china! Great picks as always, Mr. B:)

  8. oh my, that tie and the deer and the bauble and and and ...

  9. I love those sheets, I keep trying to learn 10 things over the weekend :) but I only get to 5 or 6 I'll keep trying until I do.

  10. Next Saturday im SO having an afternoon nap! oh YES! have a good one Will xx

  11. new favourite table rocks...

    as does new favourite tie...

  12. Lovely list as usual - the striped china is so much fun! Also loving the bedlinen by 'By Nord' - want some for the kids. They do a great wolf as well! :)

    That tie is SO you! Hop you bought it!!

    Hugs and thanks for your comment on Isabella's party!

    xx Charlotta

  13. Love that yellow base on the lamp and the bed linens are gorgeous! The tie has your name written all over it:-). Happy Monday to you Will! XX

  14. The pops of yellow are niiice. And the deer of course

  15. Those Dwell sheets are divine - I convinced Miss Bri to get them a couple months ago :)

    Hope you have a lovely week!

  16. Justina's sugar mould planters rock my world.
    *Tania @

  17. Think your post is so creative.
    Love deer on everything too this year. What a lovely calendar to remind me to buy local.
    I x

  18. oooh that table is amazing! i'm heading there now to find out the details!

  19. hello most lovely table that I ever did see. I mean, seriously.

  20. I love that deer duvet cover. I'm SOLD over here too! What does it say on the pillow?

  21. Thanks, gang!

    Christine - I just tried to zoom in on their site to read the pillow but couldn't get close enough to read. Perhaps we'll just have to buy it to find out...!


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