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Monday, 20 December 2010

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Kicking through deep snow drifts is one of life's simplest but greatest pleasures.
2. A mix of thick mist, heavy snow and a slowly setting sun makes for a very romantic walk.
3. Obligatory jumping photo (it had to be done, even if I do look like a frog!).
4. This part of our walk felt like Narnia.
5. The best snowman I've seen since I was a child.
6. The simplicity of these greetings cards blew me away.
7. I love this chap's outfit.
8. Interflora sent me this gorgeous flower arrangement, complete with mistletoe, winter berries and a mirrored base. Thank you!
9. I'm keeping fingers crossed for some polka dot tape in my stocking!
10. Thanks to the charming gang over at West Elm, I'm now the proud winner of these two clocks.


  1. Hi Will! Glad to see some pics of the fun part of the snow that's hit you guys. Hope you stay safe and warm!

  2. Oh what a lark! Looks like fabulous fun jumping about in the snow - GREAT image and a very happy looking frog. I also love the white clocks - how divinely retro but also snap up-to-date at the same time.

  3. Oh wow, looks like you had so much fun in the snow Will! Love that polka dot packaging tape! Keep warm! xx

  4. Hi! how are you? I´ve been folowing you for a while but a I think I never left you a word. That´s bad because I really LOVE your blog and all the lovely posts you offer to us.

    THANKS!!Have a happy new year!!

    Carmen Martins from Sao Paulo - Brazil
    blog Achados de Decoração

  5. Great snowy photos Will!! It certainly looks beautiful where you are. Congrats on the win! The clocks are fun. I love how it's white on white.. great way to ignore time and just have fun. Sounds like you had a lovely and fun weekend!

  6. Oh Lucky, lucky! Love those clocks!

  7. You're snowed in and I'm "rained-in" in Southern California. Yes, it's true. But as I sit here, laptop on lap, wrapped in a cozy, blue throw, I am grateful for great, inspirational blogs such as the greeting cards. Keep blogging and keep inspiring...and stay warm.

  8. Snowy and sunny! What a great weekend! And you are very good at frog jumping. (Frame that picture!).

    Lucky you for winning those white clocks. I might need to get one myself. I like a quiet clock.

    Happy new week to you!

    oxox, Mon

  9. Wow, look at all that snow, looks like such fun! Have a great week ahead Will!

  10. I feel like I had a similar day as you yesterday in the snow. It was coming down all day and we were out in it for hours!

  11. your snowy walk looks divine! and those clocks are super adorable. I'm also hoping for some sort of fun tape/ribbon in my stocking (but I think I'm the only one who knows it, ha).

  12. Great clocks! I heard you guys got a ton of snow. My sister was suppose to come home for the holidays (she lives in London as well) and her flight got canceled due to the snow - major bummer!

  13. I was asking for some polka dot tape, but then I caved and ordered some for myself this weekend :) And nice clocks!!

  14. The clocks are fantastic and so is all the snow! It's warm in Florida and I am dreaming of a white Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  15. That snowman is kick-ass! Congrats on winning those clocks - they are fabulous.

    *Tania @

  16. The snow looks so beautiful! I think that if I pay attention to over the weekend. I might learn something too.

  17. best.snowman.ever.

    And I also adore those white clocks, nice score, Will!

  18. Some beautiful snow pics and those flowers are stunning!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Very jealous re: the clocks!

  19. The pictures of you having fun outside are sooo cute! the snowman is a cutie!

  20. LOVE the pictures in the snow - looks like you had fun! My bff Amy is going to be fly to Portland for xmas. I'm crossing my fingers she can get out of London! xx

  21. that snow looks very Canadian! Looks like you're enjoying it Will!
    Have a lovely Christmas!

  22. I adore your snow pics! So fun!


  23. I'm loving these 10 things, especially the snowman and those clocks! And don't even get me started with the snow kickin'! Awesome!

  24. Thanks for stopping by, folks, and yes, I was delighted to win the clocks!

  25. Glad You enjoyed the snow...
    Here is too "warm", we won't have a white Christmas :-(

    Anyway, I wish You a really gorgeous Christmas, with all people you love.



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