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Monday, 8 November 2010

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Love these graphic bowls from le petit boutique.
2. These Kate Spade mugs would make lovely host gifts.
3. Pom Poms make me happy!
4. I'm dying to read the December issue of Real Simple but I can't find an issue anywhere in the UK.
5. I'm addicted to Starbucks red cups!
6. HandM's Christmas range impressed me - love the striped bedding and hare stockings.
7. After last week's craziness I treated myself to this jumper.
8. Jonathan Alder also has some fun items in his Christmas assortment.
9. My polka dot organiser kept me on track during last week's photo shoots.
10. These multi-coloured Union Jack cushions are pretty cool.


  1. LOVE that red & white striped bedding. Totally want it for my little one for the holidays!

  2. Love those Union Jack cushions and the H&M Christmas bedding is fantastic! Getting me in the mood for Christmas xx

  3. So awesome! (My issue of Real Simple was waiting on me when I got back from my weekend trip, and it promises to be worthwhile!)

  4. hey Will. Pom poms make me happy as well. you know i have a pompom love pinboard on pinterest and that blanket was just added. Love all the links!

  5. It's like the perfect Christmas gift list! I'll take those red-and-white striped sheets! xosk

  6. Oh the holidays are upon us!!! What gorgeous items!


  7. You are surely preperaring us for the holiday season.. Love the red and white bedding.. gorgeous!!

  8. Ya know. We dont have an H&M in Charlotte. I hear it is the best place for affordable clothing. I am sure someone will get you a copy of Real Simple. Im an checkout line reader. I read in the checkout line then go home and look

    Mr.Goodwill Hunting

  9. Mr. Will, I got a little nervous reading about your car incident. But you seem to happily be blogging away - so I take it that you are alright. Right?

    Perfect gift ideas! Maybe a little (or big!) on-line store for you in the future? It would be an instant success!

    Happy new week to you.

    ox, Mon

  10. The pom pom blanket, graphic bowls, and jumper really get me excited. They're all such great things. You oooze such style!

  11. Hi,
    I love that Topman jumper!
    Have you tried for the Real Simple magazine?

  12. Lots of ideas for christmas presents.
    I wouldn't mind getting them All! :o)

  13. aaaw Will I absolutely love love this post today, so cute! Everything is incredibly fab, love the KP mugs!

  14. Wow, at first glance I thought this was part of your holiday gift list! Well, actually.. it kind of is isn't it? I love that JA squirrel. The Kate Spade mugs are also fab! I love those. Hope you were able to rest Will. I'm sure your new sweater kept you nice and warm.. : )

  15. You deserve the jumper - looks cosy!
    Had a look at the H&M collection too and you are right it looks fab!
    Happy Monday
    Rachie xo

  16. this post has me all giddy. mine is a bit holiday themed as well- must be this cold front coming through... and the release of starbucks red cups! yippee!! :)

  17. Hey, how are you today? No playing on the streets of London I hope!! :)

    Love your list of ten, and especially love the 'candy cane striped' bedlinen! How fun!
    Pom poms!! Yes, they are like happy pills for my eyes. Their playfulness get me every time!

    Have a great continuation to the week my dear!

    x Charlotta

  18. Love those Kate Spade mugs!!


  19. love the jumper and the kate spade mug!! oh i know you would love that issue of real simple too, it's my favorite mag!!

  20. if you really can't find an issue, let me know and I'll send you one! All the way from SF with love.

    Also the red cups are amazing.
    so are those mugs.

  21. Oh, to have this Kate Spade mug! The candelabra from Jonathan Adler is actually a Menorah for Hanukkah, my favorite holiday, which is coming in 3 weeks... JA always designs the best.

  22. Love the holiday gift ideas and how you're getting ready for the season... I have the December issue of Real Simple and would be happy to send it along. Hope you're feeling better!

  23. I love this assortment, so fun and cheerful; just what I needed on a Monday afternoon. I'm with Jan, pom poms all the time. I could get a bit crazy with pom pom trim. It's super cute on a lamp shade....

  24. Love this post, just every thing you learned this weekend is lovely! xo

  25. Love your new jumper, Will. As for Jonathon Adler, he really does have some great new stuff out. You really learned a lot this weekend ;)
    Happy Monday!

  26. I always look forward to your "10 things" always such lovely choices! I just picked up the thanksgiving issue of real simple and I'm devouring it! I can't wait to read the december issue! Love that red stripey bedding too!

  27. What a great list! I'm tracking them down now.

  28. Thanks for your kind offers for Real Simple mag - a friend is sending it over for me and I'm so excited to read it.

  29. I'm also addicted to the Starbucks red cup. You know the holidays are approaching when you see it.

  30. Will, put a peppermint mocha in that Starbucks red cup and you're in heaven. It's like liquid "Christmas in a cup" swirling around inside graphic delight. Mmmm...

    (There's a peppermint mocha on my desk as we speak.)

    Have a great weekend,



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