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Monday, 18 October 2010

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

 1. What do you get when you add an illustrator and New York City for inspiration? All The Buildings in New York, that's what.
2. RealSimple's 'decorating with grey' feature was excellent.
3. Miranda Dickinson sent me a signed copy of her book along with a lovely hand-written card after reading my interview with Kelley Moore. If you've read the book, you'll understand why! Thanks, Miranda. P.S. You can read her blog, here.
4. This comments card from Byron restaurant made me smile.
5. Remember I wrote about decorating with blues for fall in my Rue magazine column? Well, Martha Stewart Living provides more tips and ideas for decorating with blue this season in their October issue. Check it out!
6. The Lexington Company opened it's virtual doors to the UK and Ireland this week and their styling is spot on.
7. In a goodie bag, notepads from Mini Moderns are often the best freebie.
8. Polka dot coasters? Hell-to-the-yeah!
9. I'd like to buy the Matthew Williamson book for some colourful inspiration.
10. OK, so it might not be catwalk, but this reindeer jumper has my name all over it.


  1. double hell to the yeah on those polka dot coasters. what fun!

  2. Lo-hove this (said à la Oprah)! haha. Omg, where do you find the time to find these amazing things? #1 is my coup de coeur for this 10 Things post. That reindeer jumper though.. very cute Bridget Jones (which I love btw). heehee!

  3. Those polka dot coasters are calling my name!

  4. Fun links...thanks! I liked the link to the illustrator's views on New York.

  5. LOVE the polka dot coasters! Fab!

    Looks like a great weekend!

    Luvs Will!

  6. Hey there mr Bazaar! I've missed popping in to your divine world whilst we were away.
    As usual your 'list of 10' is wonderful and I agree with it to a tee. Also glad you like Swedish Lexington Company - they are gorgeous and their preppy classic style appeals to me too!

    Hoping you are well and that London Autumn is pleasant!

    x C

  7. Hey Will, hope you have a fantastic week too, love those coasters and the Matthew Williamson book! Christmas wishlist? :)

  8. How hot is that male model from Lexington?? Love your entire list!! Can't belive Miranda sent you her book, how cool! :)

    Happy Monday Will!!


  9. How cool of Miranda to send you the book! I adore the entire list, particularly the coasters and the reindeer sweater. Have a great week, Mr. B. xo

  10. Thanks a lot for those interesting links:)

  11. Lovely post :) I agree, Lexintons' styling is really inspiring. Have a great week!

  12. Love the reindeers also and the comment card!! Have a great week

  13. I need those polka dots coasters in my life :)

    Hope you and Toby had a lovely weekend. xoxo

  14. Love the design with Gray stuff. Thanks for some fabulous links!

  15. I just posted about those coasters, hahaha. Great minds! And I think you MUST treat yourself to the reindeer "jumper." I'm going to start calling sweaters that...

    xx Katie

  16. I can't tell you how much I love these!

  17. Too cool, Dub. A reindeer jumper? Ha. Rock it.

  18. thanks for the tip on the RealSimple gray article!

  19. More than a little addicted to your 10 Things!

    Sweetness in those polka dotted coasters. Ordering now!

  20. OK, so you guys have convinced me that I should go for it on the jumper front. (As if I needed convincing...!)

    Love how popular the coasters are, too.

    Thanks for your comments, gang! x

  21. totally with you on the sweater... i bought the cutest one in black & white... {my husband however calls it my nordic kimono... ha!}

  22. Lauren - consider the reindeer jumper purchased!!


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