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Friday 24 September 2010

Mr.Bazaar Goes To New York City!

I can't tell you how much I've missed blogging over the past week. Reading about your inspirations and hearing about what's going on with you guys is such an important part of my day, so to not be able to check in everyday has been weird. However, I was lucky to be experiencing a delightful few days in New York, and now I'm back with plenty of fun planned for Bright.Bazaar (standby for a super exciting giveaway next week). Now, although I said I would be back with a colour cocktail post today, I thought it would be fun to share my time stateside with you guys and return to my regular features next week. So let's get started! On the first night the world's most fabulous and generous host, Kelley Moore, treated us to a dinner party to end all dinner parties. Seriously, check this lady out, she's the tablescape queen! It will always be a special night for me as it was the time I got to meet the Rue girls for the first time after working with them over the past few months. A fantastic evening was had by all, with hilarious dancing included!

After spending Sunday having brunch with some friends in Brooklyn, I met up with Emily who showed us her favourite places in the West Village. Emily is my age and loves magazines, J Crew, Carrie Bradshaw, the colour yellow and trashy romcom movies. A kindred spirit? I think so! On Monday I went to the HGTV lunch and met up with so many inspiring bloggers. As well as meeting new friends and gushing over our shared love of design, I also discovered I'm partial to a strawberry and raspberry snapple.

The same day brought with it another exciting event. This time, the Rue magazine launch party. These girls did good - what a blast! To be able to meet such friendly, engaging, funny and passionate people from all over the world is something I will cherish. Thank you to everyone who put their time and effort into organising such a wonderful celebration. Nick Olsen and I discussed our love for a decent checked shirt, whilst later I chatted Paris and photography with the charming Emily Anderson, giggled with Mackenzie Horan and Emily Clark over prosecco and nattered the night away with Karen, the moggit girls and lots of other fun people who I didn't manage to get a snap with.

Over the four days I snapped some of the architecture that I found most inspiring. New York oozes inspiration everywhere you go - from the brownstones of West Village to the rough, industrial feel of the Meatpacking district and Chelsea. On Sunday evening we saw the sunset from the Top of the Rock and watched as the twinkling golden lights sparkled in the darkening city below.

On Monday afternoon I popped into Vicente Wolf's showroom and had a tour of the worldly items that filled the space. Trudi, the showroom manager, told the stories behind the pieces with pizazz and her energy was infectious. I loved the collection of mirror plates (middle, right) from Thailand, along with the delicate vignette of blue vases.

And, of course, no trip to New York would be complete without a little bit of shopping. Jack Spade, J Crew, Jonathan Adler and the Chelsea Market bookstore all delivered excellent goods. Us Brits need to learn a lesson from the Americans when it comes to retail - they know how to ace customer serivce and take visual merchandising to the next level. New friendships, inspiring interiors and interesting cultures. Thanks for a top four days, New York.

All Bright.Bazaar except tablescapes via 1 and shopping items 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 


  1. Amazing pictures, Will! Although I was slightly jealous for not being there, deeply I'm absolutely happy for you and everybody who attended and seeing your pictures now is so much fun! Loved your socks - so you! :)

  2. Will, Wish I could have been there, but seeing NYC through you eyes more than make up for it. Great pictures you took and Looks like you guys had a blast the few days you were here. Happy Weekend.

  3. This makes me even more bummed that I was back here in Norway! Next party HAS to be in the UK! (I'm partial to piƱa coladas, hehe)

    It really looks like you had such an amazing time!! And I'm super jealous that you got to meet all these amazing bloggers, many of them I feel like I already know!


    ps - totally loved your J.Adler hauls!

  4. Tres chic Mr Cosmopolitan. Great post. Jealous moi ? - Ahggh I hope the jet lag has been awful!!?&*%$! LOL! XX

  5. I knew you had fun, but reading about it almost makes me feel like I was there! To fun trips, new friends and lots and lots shopping!!

  6. Great pics Will and it looks like you had a blast! Love your Jack Spade bag purchase! Have a great weekend an I look forward to what you've got lined up for us next week! :)

  7. Will what a wonderful recap of your trip. I loved all your photos and stories and I can't tell you how happy I am that you were able to experience it all as fully as you did. It was a real highlight to be able to meet you sooner than expected and you and Emily MUST bring me to Carrie's place please! xo

  8. Will it was great meeting you! When I saw you at the HGTV lunch, I was like: Yeah he is just as cute in person!

    I'm glad that you had a great time too. I was kind of sad hearing about everyone elses disappointment

  9. Such a fun time! Loved seeing all of your pics. I have a funny one of us on my blog this morning :)

  10. Will, what an amazing time you must have had! Your photos are great! Have a good weekend

  11. I am so NOT ashamed to tell you this: en route to NYC I clicked on your blog and found your 'Hello from NYC' post and I jumped up and down and screamed a little. OK, a lot. this would have been fine, except I was IN AN AIRPLANE....

    scheduling prevented my making the HGTV lunch. If I knew you were there, I'd have re-arranged...

    glad you had a blast.

    I will catch you next time!

    Love, Donna

  12. So glad that you enjoyed the City as much as you did - you did so much in four days! Always happy to host you when you come to visit... hopefully next time we'll run into Sarah Jessica :)

    Until next time...

  13. Love love love the photos Will! You really packed a punch within that short time period! That means A) you are younth incarnate and full of energy B) You need no sleep C) You just thrive in within the beat of the Big city! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your photos of your amazing trip and experiences. Btw, is that your lovely Mr T? Why are you two so cute? ;p

  14. Ahhh I just love new york. Sounds so jam-packed with fun!

  15. I love seeing all these pics of my fave're celebrities! How fun to get to meet the people that inspire you! I'll have to continue to admire from afar.

    Glad you had a ball!
    xo, cass

  16. What great photos! Looks like an awesome time. And that tablescape? Amazing.

  17. I am just saying a quick hello until I have time to come back and read this but it looks like you had a fab time!

    Happy Weekend!


  18. Love the bad you bought, great purchase!

  19. Great photos, and thanks for sharing the memories of your trip. I wish I had such a glamorous lifestyle.
    Have a good weekend!

  20. You've just made me over the top excited about my upcoming trip to NYC. Merci Will!
    Looks like you had a fantastic time, drinking, making new pals, shopping. What a life! Love your purchases, btw.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. So glad you had such a good time Will. Sounded like a dream trip!

  22. What an amazing trip - thanks for letting me vicariously live a trip to New York through you!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  23. Will! Your blog looks...brilliant! I have been following you everywhere...loved your piece in Rue! and spying you in party pics here there and everywhere! So fun!

  24. Will -- So glad to see, 1) you looking you thrilled to be in NYC, and 2) the developments your blog has taken on in recent weeks. You've really taken things to the next level, esp. as regards personalizing things so much more. There is more of a connection now between your wonderful taste and yourself. Kudos! :-)

  25. Viewing these pics made me feel like i was there in NYC! It sounds like you had quite a fun adventure-way to go! xx

  26. Thank you, everyone, I had THE best time!


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