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Wednesday 27 January 2010

{Parisian interiors}

Image: Kitchen of Eric Bergere, P.64 from Paris Interiors (Taschen Books)

Flicking through my Taschen Paris Interiors book this morning I paused on this page. I'm not sure why, but something about the window drew me in. Parisian apartments are known for their smaller proportions, yet there is something about the lack of space that makes their interiors so imaginative. It's great how the window frame has been used to hang mementos, whilst serving plates and oil bottles adorn the walls and windowsill spaces.

Just a few years ago I was all about stark, white, minimalist spaces. Now? I couldn't be drawn to anything more different: I can't get enough of individual, eclectic spaces. It's so much more welcoming to see a room filled with the owners belongings: open kitchen shelves, with crockery on display; books piled up by the bed; and small shelves overflowing with a colourful mix of perfume bottles and jewellery. These are all things that are part of the rooms I like most these days. I love how interiors surprise you, each day I discover new things that make me think about the homes we live in - it's great! What things about an interior do you like?

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  1. Great image, Will - I love grey and yellow as a colour combo!

    With modern construction techniques and cost-awareness, I think we've lost the sense of the window being a special place within a room - the point where the inside and outside meet. So we no longer have these lovely deep window cills that invite us to pause, sit for a moment and take the world in, before going about our day.

    And modern interiors don't have to minimalist - some of my faves combine the best of both worlds, like the clever apartment renovation in the Marais district of Paris featured in this post:

    I think you'll love the clever use of space which also keeps some of the beautiful original details like the windows and the proportions of the main living room - I know I do!


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