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Monday 10 August 2009

{Oh, the glamour}

Over at Bright.Bazaar we love a shopping trip to Heals; there's something so decadent and indulgent about their stores. Perhaps it's because they are always filled with sumptuous textiles, quirky accessories and to-die-for furniture. Or, maybe, we're falling into the same trap as Rebbecca Bloomwood from Sophie Kinsella's famous shopaholic novels - either way, we don't care because Heals rocks!

A splash of hot pink has allowed Heals to inject colour and warmth into their A/W 09 collection

We've been watching as more of the Autumn/Winter range filters into stores and simply can't wait any longer to write about how much we love their new stuff. Check it out...

Swing Chaise - it rotates 180 degrees to form a double bed! £1195; Daphne Tables by Johnny Egg - Coffee Table, £595 & Lamp Table, £350

Louis Console Table, in blue lacquer by John Reeves, £695; Brights Turned Wood Table Lamp, £165; Flocked Indigo Phone by Johnny Egg, £85

The Bright.Bazaar office needs this phone, you know, for practical reasons of course...!
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  1. Ooh, great console table! But y'know... I'd be tempted to pick up a cheaper one and give it a lick of glossy paint!

  2. Thanks, Siany! I know, Heals is super expensive - but great for swooning over! I may have to give into the *highly* important need for that phone, though!

  3. Love those hot pink chairs and chandelier in the first pic!

  4. Very striking, but I think I'm with Siany that the first thought that comes to mind when I see all this is fun with spray-paint.

  5. @Kathy Maybe you could get one of the chairs for your new house!

    @Mise Indeed, Siany's spray paint idea is a fab one


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