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Tuesday 28 July 2009

{Craft/friends/thank you}

Thanks to all Bright.Bazaar followers over on Twitter, who have congratulated me on being the guest crafter for the Guardian's Making Time website. I really appreciate all your kind comments and generous words. After all, without all your inspiring blogs and tweets I would be without so much fantastic inspiration.

So, as a little thank you, here are some extra shots from my dining table photo shoot...

Images: Will Taylor

An extra special thank you must go to my lovely friend, Perri Lewis. Perri used to be my Editor back in our student newspaper days and the person who first inspired me to get involved in writing and journalism. She now writes regularly for the Guardian and has her own craft blog, which you should check out for a great mix of accessible and quirky craft stories/projects/pictures and more!


  1. Is that a tiled table? It looks fabulous, though tantalisingly hidden by bits and pieces...

  2. Thank you. It's an Ikea table that I customised with offcuts from wallpaper samples. You can read why and how I did it on my article over on the Guardian website. Here's the link:

  3. That table is fab, Will and big congrats on being the guest crafter - that must have tweeted me by! Karen :-)

  4. Thanks, Karen! Honestly though, it's people like you who provide so much creative inspiration. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, even if camping was cancelled!


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