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Wednesday 22 April 2009

{All things bright, bold and beautiful}

When I worked in East London I walked past Squint daily and often dropped in over lunch to pour over their quirky designs. They've been featured in a host of interiors-related media, most recently gracing the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine. Offering anything from indulgent, brightly coloured Chesterfields, lovingly emblazoned chests of drawers and magical chandeliers, Squint has colourful additions for a variety of spaces. My personal favourite are these gorgeous chandeliers (shown below) - they would make a great talking point in any home. If Squint's prices are out of your price range (they sure are mine, but hey, a boy can dream, right?!), then scour your loft, parent's garage and your local charity shops for leftover fabrics. Then mix and match to create a piece of furniture bespoke to your home. And why stop at covering furniture, when you can give your walls the same patchwork treatment? Just look at Danish designer Nina's living room wallpaper - it's fantastic and so uplifting. If you like what you see, then check out her blog here.

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  1. I love that Drawer.It's really beautiful and colorful.


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