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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sneak Peek: Adore Home Magazine, Oct/Nov

I can't quite believe that Adore Home magazine is celebrating it's 2nd birthday already, it seems like just yesterday that I was reading the first issue. Well, two years have passed and the team at Adore Home are set to release their 2nd birthday issue on Monday next week - and lucky us, as we get to take a sneak peek in the super colourful issue right here today on Bright.Bazaar. Kicking off proceedings is a tour of Armchair Collective in New South Wales, a destination store that sells fresh blooms, homewares and food. Should I ever find myself in Australia I'd love to explore here on a Saturday morning. Up next is another shop tour, this time of Kristy Mclaughlin's Sydney store, Kristy Lee Interiors - I'm majorly crushing on the Cockatoo lamp base! I'm really looking forward to reading the piece on the Mr & Mrs G River bar that was designed by one of my favourite designers, Anna Spiro. Anna's use of colour and pattern is always right on point, and this Brisbane location is no exception. Rounding out the sneak peek is a colourful kid's bedroom designed by Maria Barros. I don't care if it was designed for a child's bedroom, I would adopt that blue/yellow work area in a heartbeat! Thank you, Adore Home, for this lovely weekend treat, I can't wait to read the full issue on Monday. What's inspiring you from this peek, folks? Happy weekend!
// Photography from Adore Home magazine


  1. I adore any design by Anna Spiro so this sneak of the bar design was a treat! Love the whimsical and fun design of the child space too. Have a great weekend Will! XX

  2. The Armchair Collective is my local cafe. Great food and totes stylish. We'd love to welcome you down under to Sydney's beautiful northern beaches.

    1. How fun that it's your local cafe, what are the chances?! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind invite! :)

  3. I'm a big fan of Adore Magazine as many people!
    Kirstie Lee interior shop is a place I really would like to visit one day!
    And I love this colorful kid bedroom ♥
    Have a colorful weekend Will!

  4. I'm definitely inspired by the tiles Anna Spiro chose for that bar - l.o.v.e. them!

  5. enjoy your weekend matey. this week i'm liking golden yellowy stuff, just like the icon above my comment

  6. Love the bar with the blue and white tiles.. ! hx

  7. Now we know that I'm not special forward in the colour department but my children's rooms have always been colourful and I LOVE the room designed by Maria Barros.

  8. Great post! I love Anna. Her Absolutely Beautiful Things blog was the very first blog I started to follow, way back when. And, I love Adore Mag. Can't wait to read the new issue!
    -Ashley Cooper @

  9. So pretty. I also really enjoy Anna's work. What a nice round up here!

  10. This is my new ezine crush!!!! Adore Home is so well designed and full of fresh decorating ideas. Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Love it and totally ADORABLE!! What a great magazine and I'm heading over right now to read it right now. Love that little home office with wallpaper as backdrop, and that O&L fabric for pillow and lamp shade, LOVE ... I have a different version in my dining room :)


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