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Friday, 28 September 2012

My Top Three Finds At Decorex International

I thought I would round out my week of London Design Festival specials with my three favourite finds from Decorex International 2012. Kicking things off we have Pinch Design, who celebrate simplicity of form and a purity of shape and material. The company's aim is simple: to make pieces that will endure the test of time and aspire to be inherited. I think their pieces are both elegant and arresting; my stand out pieces were the Yves desk for its opulent aubergine hue and the Pendel two seat sofa, which is now firmly on my Wish List.
The moment I arrived on Penny Morrison Fabrics' stand, there was a hoard of people cooing over a pile of cushions. Once I managed to break through the crowd, I discovered that the cushions were these vintage beauties! I also admired the fabric collaboration between Penny Morrison and Carolina Irving - look out for some stunning, tribal-inspired prints.
Little Greene are known for producing a creative stand and this year was no exception. Their dipped paint brushes felt more like an art installation than a trade show stand! I enjoyed photographing the brushes from different angles and seeing how the light fell on the hues. Don't you think it looks great? If you like these peeks, you can see a lorry load more design inspiration in my full review that goes live this Friday on the Decorex blog.
// Photography by Will Taylor


  1. I LOVE the fabric on the love seat! What a homerun!!

  2. Love the fabric on the pendel sofa! Fun, fun!

  3. That desk is such a beautifully chic option. I love the slim legs and edge. Amazing display at Little Greene. That's a great way to show their colors.

    Stay in the Lines

  4. love the paint brushes. a beautiful display..

  5. ahhh lovely.Just the thing to brighten up your day!!

  6. Wow! I love the clean design of the desk and stool. Fantastic!

  7. that settee is perfect in that print and in those colors!

  8. LOVE the fabric of the sofa ♥
    Very beautiful!
    And the colorful brush wall is just amazing...!

  9. OMG.... love that sofa! so much fun in color and such bold pattern! also digging those pillows and the ball fringe ... one of the design element I starting to like more and more lately. The display at Little Green is to die for ... now does it mean that they will give me the brushes as paint chips? hehe

    1. I love that idea, Tim! As for the pom pom trim, I'd like to try it on curtains... fun, no?

  10. I've been in a floral frame of mind of late(so not my style usually), so I'm really loving the fabric on the sofa! The colours are so me too!:-). XX

  11. That sofa suits you well ;-)

    I am officially in love with that Yves desk from Pinch. I just visited their website to see that it's just a little over my price range right now. I'll have to settle for something cheaper but that desk would have been perfect for me. For now it'll just have to stay on my dream wish list.

  12. That is one fun sofa Will! Those cushions are pretty fabulous too! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    Abbey x

  13. love the colors and pattern of the sofa!

    Sandy a la Mode

  14. The fabric on the loveseat is a showstopper.....I have a feeling it will look great on a bedspread/lampshade too! and the dipped paint brush wall gives me an idea for an empty wall in my kitchen that has been begging to be indulged. Happy Friday, Will!

  15. Love the sofa and what a cute size. I also really like the desk x

  16. THE fabric is stunning!the sofa is amazing!!And you look great my friend!!!!
    happy weekend Will !!Enjoy it!!:)

  17. love that first couch...great colors.

  18. Love those paint brushes! So creative and shows the paint colors in such a "real" way. Brilliant!


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