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Thursday, 27 September 2012

LDF Report: 100 Per Cent Design & DesignJunction

Although 100% Design and designjunction are very different shows, I felt a synergy between my favourite spots from the two London Design Festival events, so I'm blogging them together in one post. One of my favourite finds across the two shows was Mark, a furniture company who make the down right brilliant (and bright!) Verso chair. Available in five different colourways and two different wood veneers, the Verso is a fine example of where practicality has been balanced with style as the chairs can be stacked up to nine high. Their Arris sofa was also a highlight of mine, potentially for my love of Oak but probably because of the luxurious depth of the design.
Klickity are a playful company whose products almost entirely come in pieces for the owner to put together. My top pick was Fanfare, a colour block clock that it comes in several colourways; I think grouping three together in a row would be a fun office feature. They also make these intriguing XO candlestick holders. Frank Flavell's Leaning Man side table would make a great bedside table, don't you think? 
I've followed James Harrison's work ever since I was given the Rocker chair he designed for Habitat as a 21st Birthday present. I enjoyed seeing the Alwyn Compact Sofa on his stand at 100% Design, especially as you can customise the button detailing to your own taste. In fact, it reminded me a little of this sofa from Kate Spade's London pop up shop.
It's so rocking to see Lorna Syson's business go from strength-to-strength and I think new additions like the Bradbury Lounge Chair will only further her success. Be sure to check her collection out if you are a fan of colourful, graphic prints on cushions, wallpaper and furniture.
Geometrics can be thought of as 'masculine' but Kirath Ghundoo is putting the Pretty into the Geometric! Her new range of Mix and Match wallpapers comes with a choice of seven patterns; the user applies a drop, paste, cut, and re apply technique, which limits wastage and utilises as much of the roll as possible - a fine example of sustainable design.
Lucy Turner specialises in customising and transforming mid century furniture by using a laser cut laminate. I really like her new piece called the Triangle Table, and they look even better as a trio.
Therlermont Hupton is a partnership of Yve Thelermont and David Hupton who work together on their furniture and product design. I admired their playful use of colour across the Lap Mug, Roll Hook and the Dollie & Jessie Stools but their Farm Stool is the piece that caught my imagination the most - super fun!
Clever and functional design is always a winner in my book, which is why I wanted to include Niche London's Lift side table in my round up. The table has a push down handle so that you can make full use of the table top when the handle is not needed.
I think it's fairly evident why I've included Anything's stationery collection. Colour candy and then some - Mr. Bazaar loves it!
Kukka and Very Good and Proper were two other standout finds for me from designjunction. Kukka for their DIY table lamp with fab bright blue cord and Blocks, their desk organisation kit. I'd like to pair one of their lamps with one of VG&P's Canteen chairs.
I'm going to round out this latest LDF round up with one of my favourites, namely the Loop mirror designed by Paul Blease. I like the colourful leather straps which is used to hang the mirror from a simple wooden hook. Simple and colourful design at it's best - fab! So I've shared my favourites but which designs do you like best, friends?
// Photography by Will Taylor & Exhibitors


  1. Ack! Love those top chairs. I've been weighing options for our kitchen chairs.

    I've been leaning toward splurging on Maison Gatti chairs, but then you have to go and post these cuties.

  2. Wow and WOW!! Love them all Mr! You folks over at UK truly know how to put on a fantastic show! I love that clock from klickity, the Jame's sofa sort of reminds me of my newly upholstered sofa (so of course I love the one from James), that birdie lamp shade by Lorna, the colorful stationary (who wouldn't want them in their home office) and those fab mirrors with the killer leather straps!

    so jealous!!

  3. Love the Loop mirror, shaped like a hoopla embroidery hoop. That is a winner for me. I like the Niche London table also.

  4. Will, I am loving your round-ups! I missed out on 100% Design and was so hoping a talented blogger could show me what I missed so thank you! The Niche London's Lift side table is definitely my favourite and since I am a sucker for good stationery, I'm off to stalk Anything!

  5. Love the furniture! The designs were really great!

  6. Hah! Love your mention of Anything! It also made it to my top five photos from Design Junction - and I instantly thought of you when I visited :)

  7. Love those first chairs and the loop mirrors Will! Great finds :)

    Abbey x

  8. Those loop mirrors are v. cool! The XO candlestick holder is neat too! I love yellows and oranges and the punch they pack even in small doses.....

  9. ooh, so many pretty things! definitely loving that alwyn sofa and the dollie & jessie stools!

  10. For me, the most desireable pieces of furniture are the side tables made be Niche, London. They look fun but also sophisticated.

  11. every day something cool Mr.!!!I love the Lucu Tyrner & Kirath Ghundoo brands!!
    keep sharing these best finds from London Design Festival!!!!

  12. The Anything scissors are so cool and colourful!

  13. LOVE the 'Lift' table by Niche London - innovative idea and neat design - fantastic!

  14. Love the furniture and XO candlestick holders the most. Would love to make a collection of so many colorful stuffs like these. Pretty cool!

  15. Those tables are super cute, I might just have to track one down for my daughter.

  16. Such great design, really like the the side tables and those mirrors too

  17. My first visit to the show. The emerging talent stands were my favourite. I especially liked the Niche London tables - innovative and practical; reasonably priced for great design too!

  18. Niche London were definitely the find of the show! Loved the shapes of their fractal table and Z tables


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