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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Three Ways: To Add Colour With Dining Chairs

Recently, I've spotting a lot of colourful dining chairs and it led me to think what an excellent way this is to add colour into a dining space. It's also an ideal piece of furniture to get crafty with, too. You could paint the chair legs, recover a fabric base using a bright and bold patterned fabric or make a slipcover to use over the whole chair - all would add something new to your space. First up, we see how a white Scandinavian dining room is given a colourful update with primary coloured chairs and stools. The second space shows that you can add colour by doing nothing at all, simply invest in well-worn, vintage wooden chairs; the texture of the wood against the blackboard wall tells a thousand stories. Finally, if you want to inject a dose of fun into your dining room, why not paint some simple, wooden chairs in glossy, neon hues! Which dining chairs would you choose?


  1. I love the chalk bored walls. i think they look excellent in kitchens,

  2. we have some taupe and green colored chairs in our dining room! i was adamant about having colored chairs in our dining space when we first started decorating! :)

  3. Oh such difficult decisions you present us with Will! All fabulous but I think scandi brights wins it for me :)

    Abbey x

  4. Oooh, kinda dying over the country rustic one Will! I love that chalk board wall, very organic and appealing isn't it? LOVE!
    Nancy xo

  5. Ohhh, I love coulours -
    but in this case I think I would go for the vintage wooden chairs - it´s something about that
    setting that´s just RIGHT : ) So honest and clean..
    and the blackboard painted wall is great!
    I also like the first one, but neon...
    I guess that´s not for me!

    Lovely inspiration with beautiful pictures, as always!

    Have a nice wednesday : )


  6. i can't decide for one... i think i would mix the first and the second since i love the chalboard wall and the wooden table, but i think coloured chairs would be lovely around that table and great in front of the black wall.
    i {sometimes} like neon but wouldn't use it in my home.
    but thanks again for the lovely and inspirational pics, have a great day.

  7. @fox and fawn - Always love a good chalkboard wall!

    @Sandy - I like your style! Sounds fab!

    @Abbey - That's my fave, too! x

    @Nancy, Maria - If I had a country home, I'd be super happy if the dining room looked like this! x

    @homeboundtheheartoflife - The Scandi Brights takes my vote, too!

  8. love the vibrant colours in pic 1 but am hooked with the setting in pic 2 - I guess due to the chalkboard wall:-) Great!

  9. Definitly the scandi brights for me, gotta love a classic white colour scheme with pops of colour!x

  10. They're all great! I think it would be the rustic ones - actually I had a couple of antique ones very similar that I sold off before moving to Dubai - can you say regret?

  11. Oh, number 3 is simply great, I already had the picture to be posted someday, but number one, is just so.... Nordic, that I love it.

  12. Either the first or second. I love the brightly coloured mix and match chairs in the first, plus the fabulous bright blue bench; but I also can't resist the gorgeous chalkboard wall in the second! xx

  13. I am looking for some rustic chic stools. All I find are industrial or very fussy. I am loving white chairs or black chairs now....
    and for the holidays gold and silver.

  14. I'm voting for the scandi!!!! It feels so cozy and homely!

  15. I love the colored one, but I think my fave remains the middle one!!

  16. Like the top one and the middle one best! Love a chalkboard wall too!

    Out friends covered their chairs with old maps and then varnished on top! They looked great!
    Rachie xo

  17. I love the natural wood chairs. I grew up with those types of chairs! I like the pops of color with the others, but it's just too much for me!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  18. i'm a color lover for sure, but in this case, the combination of the chalkboard walls and the weathered wood steals my heart!

  19. Wooden chairs are so great because 1. they're old (!) and 2.they're so easy to update. Love this post, Will!

  20. Country rustic all the way! ;)

  21. I think I'd have to go with the well worn ones in my home but if I lived by the coast somewhere I'd definitely go with the more playful hues.

  22. @Igor, Helena, Jami, Rachael, White Tapestry, Susan, Crissy - Number one gets my vote but if I had a place in the country I'd go for number 2!

    @littletree, Deborah, Itzi, Rachel, Lenya, Rachie - Scandi Brights would be my first choice, too!

    @lisa - Ouch! That has gotta hurt an interior loving heart! ;)

    @pve - Love rustic chairs!

  23. Love the country rustic! But then I love country style! :)

  24. White or rustic. But I have a feeling that the more I hang out here the more you can convince me to "live a little"! (:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and T.!

    oxox, Mon

  25. The colorful chairs are fun but I am mostly drawn to the country rustic dining area! It feels warm and looks stylish.



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