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Friday, 4 November 2011

Colourful Country Kitchen

Country Living UK | Styling by Helen Pope | Photography by Lu Jeffrey
I've written here before about my time growing up in the country and how memories from those younger years still influence my design tastes. Although I currently reside in the city, I know for sure that one day I'd like to head back out to the countryside; embracing a more typical country interior when I do. The terracotta tiles seen here are smaller versions of ones my parents had in the kitchen of our country home, so I'd like to adopt those into my as yet imaginary country escape. The well-stocked dresser? Yep, we had one of those, too, so it would be wrong not to replicate in my country space of the future. Of course, I'll be snapping up the blue table (a Mr. Bazaar fave!) and that green workshop shade will more than likely be setting up camp in the space as well. In fact, folks, I think the space might just look a little like this - I can't wait! What elements do you like in this kitchen space?


  1. I think it looks really cosy and friendly. That is what I like the most. And I want to live in the country too someday...

  2. Ooh, so lovely!! I agree with Jamie, cozy definitely comes to my mind :)
    Nancy xo

  3. I like the eclectic mix of country with the industrial lighting. I has a casual feel that is very inviting. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comment.

  4. I love the country. This kitchen is perfection, super cozy...and I'm all about cozy. The lighting, floor, pop of color on the it all.

  5. the table and the dresser, though i would paint the dresser white, so that the blue of the table would pop even more. but the kind-of-industrial lamp shade looks nice as well. and i love that the kitchen seems to be big, open and cozy, nice for getting togther with friends and family...

  6. Love the blue table! We're the opposite- I live in the country but want to live in a city one day!

  7. I love the blue table!

  8. What a gorgeous table!! Geee, want it in my office <3 I like moving out of the city and breathe some fresh air, but I think that I wouldn't survive living in country... Love the city too much ;) oxo

    - Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  9. @Jamie, Nancy - I can picture myself there at dawn with lots of coffee and pastries!

    @Rosemary - The industrial lighting is one of my fave features of the space.

    @Miss Rubio - Yay! Another country lover!

    @homeboundtheheartoflife - Good idea re: painting the dresser white.

    @Hannah - Perhaps we should swap for a short while like they did in that film The Holiday!

    @nuria1966, Urska - I love the table, too!

  10. HI Will, i love the country!! I grew up in the country too and can't wait to have a country house one day.. beautiful image.. CArla

  11. I just love that bright blue table! My parents have a pine one just like it which is beautifully worn but if it was damaged this would be a fab way to bring it back to life!x

  12. I'd love to have a beautiful country house. Who knows, maybe an oportunity is coming.
    The blue table is gorgeous.
    Congratulations on your blog, it's great.
    Hugs from Brasil

  13. @Carla - The country is the best!

    @littletree - I agree! Painting a table is a great way to update a tired kitchen or dining space.

    @Tereza - Thanks so much for your kind words!

  14. My mum and dad have had half a dresser for years - just the top part. Its lovely! Anyway they have been redoing their kitchen and they told me the other day they have painted it grey and are rubbing it down to get that old effect! Very impressed! Next time i go home I'm taking pics!! xx

  15. I just wanted to say:
    THANK YOU for yesterdays post, for showing me West Elm heaven!!
    I´ve already placed my order and cant wait to toss my new snow globe around :)

    Happy weekend!


  16. New to your blog this week and I'm obsessed! Every post is amazing with so much eye candy. The blue table? what an awesome piece!

  17. Will! How do you find these beautiful places? I LOVE this, I wanna sit right down at that glossy blue table (droool) and eat me some of those grapes. It's just lovely. I want to live here toooo. When I build my dream house (one day) will you please come and be my personal decor advisor/designer, your style is so spot on!

  18. @Rachie - Can;t wait to see the snaps of your parents' updated dresser, it sounds fab! We always had dressers in the kitchens on my childhood homes so feel at home around them! xx

    @Maria - Anytime! West Elm rock; great choice with the snow globes! Let me know what they are like when they arrive!

    @Julia - So pleased you are enjoying it; thank you for reading!

    @Hoola Tallulah - I'm like a magpie... drawn to colourful, shiny things! ;)

  19. It's definitely the style I'm most drawn to - just so comfy. That dresser is gorgeous but that blue table - I just can't take my eyes off it! :)

  20. I love the entire mix! And I love rooms/homes that show sign of life.. Contrived rooms make me yawn..

    Will, you will soon be able to buy your own country home - with all the design fun projects coming your way! I believe it will happen sooner than you think! Yes, really!

    Happy weekend,


  21. love the blue table and the fact that it's lacquered makes it so sexy-sexy country:-). nice to stop by after so long! xx

  22. Love the blue table and the green pendant light! What a fun mix!

    Have a great weekend, Will!


  23. one day i will have my own space, hopefully very soon

  24. I love the color palette. So relaxing but so funny!

  25. Wow, that table is blue! Love the dresser too and the way those bottles of wine are lined up ;)
    Love the lighting too

  26. When we own a home one day (i.e. more space), I have big plans to paint & lacquer a wooden table like this.


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