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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Weekend: Vintage Sweet Jars

It never ceases to amaze me the places or times at which I find myself inspired by colour. I've long admired great design and packaging - you only need to look at some of my Pinterest boards to see that - but when I saw this tempting collection of vintage-style, glass sweet jars all I kept spotting were the lovely hues. From the festive feel of the red and white duos to the pink and green jewel-like tones, it's safe to say Mr. Bazaar was feeling inspired. Now we've all reached the weekend, I think it's fair to say we deserve to grab a swizzle stick, put our feet up and dive into our favourite magazines. What do you say, folks?! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love the use of vintage jars to display colourful candy!

    Have a great weekend Will!

    ps. I'm trying to plan a trip out to London next spring to visit my sister and family. I would love to meet up with you!

  2. Hello Will!
    Seeing all the candy displayed like this brings back great memories when my grandmother would have candy out for her guest around the holiday time. I hope your off to a great start to your weekend.

  3. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging too - these are gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Will xx

  4. Everytime I bounce by here it makes me want to throw on a bright purple scarf and splash paint on things! Really enjoying visiting each week...

  5. Love those vintage jars...

    and the color red has been getting my attention lately too ♥

  6. these vintage jar are adorable, and love the candy inside!

  7. Inspiring indeed...have a great weekend Will!

  8. Wonderful colors and wonderful packaging!
    And yes, I´m a bit exited myself about Selina´s book.
    It´s amazing what blogging can do!

    Selina is such a lovely person and I´m so looking forward to meet her again, and it would be really nice to meet you too! Jippi :) xx

  9. Yummy! That looks delicious! A little relaxing with magazines sounds lovely!

  10. @Renee - Defo, we have to meet when you come to London... so exciting!

    @Tonia - The candy wrappers bring back memories for me, too! Thanks for sharing yours.

    @Rachel, Sarah - You too, folks! xx

    @Jenni - Pleased to hear that you are catching the colourful loving vibe! ;)

    @Ann - Always a winning colour for this season.

    @Veronica - Me too!

    @Jippi - So excited about it! xx

    @Melissa - Magazines are my ultimate for relaxation - love them. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  11. Aww, this photo just makes me happy! The cute little jars AND of course, the candy! mmm, hope you had a fabulous weekend, Will! :)

  12. @Christine - Thanks so much! I so enjoyed your nursery reveal post the other day! :)

  13. Yum, and yes...I relate! I'm often inspired by the most odd things. Bubble gum machines! They just look so...gobbly and bright. The painted metal with the gum's just so lovely to me! Confectionarily speaking ; )


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