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Friday, 12 August 2011

Home Tour: A Colourful Los Angeles Home

At first it was the gallery wall that caught my eye in this delightful Los Angeles home, then I saw the dramatic library-meets-dining room space, which is a great example of how to use colour to zone a space for two different uses. The charcoal grey works wonders on the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves; the hot pink seat cushions accent the charcoal hue to great effect whilst also centering the middle of the room as a dining area. Finally, I felt inspired by the zesty, citrus hues of the home's light-flooded living room. Interest is added to a simple white sofa through colour and pattern, and vintage furniture sits alongside modern buys - a mix that works with ease. What do you like about this colourful home?


  1. Totally obsessed with those bookshelves!

  2. such a lovely and practical dining room/library! Would be living in that summer room all year around. have a great weekend Will
    manvi @ mochatini

  3. Dining with ones books is a brilliant idea. and the mix with traditional and the tulip chairs is a great combination. Gallery walls, mmm whenever I try it looks like a hot mess!

  4. I love everything about this home from the colors, to the tufted couch, the charcoal bookcases and all that lovely light! My mother in law is from Santa Monica and is in town this week. They'd love us to move to LA, a pad like this might just do the trick! Martine x

  5. The chesterfield, the gallery wall, the sunny yellow pillow, the library it all.

  6. Love the house! My favorite part would have to be the room surrounded in book shelves.

  7. I like absolutely everything. It's so cheery and I love all the cushions and the dining space - just gorgeous! Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  8. Such a delight to watch all theese pics. Got sunshine on my mind... That's how we should decorate our homes when it's cold and rainy outside...

  9. What a beautiful house, i wish i had a summer living room!

  10. eep! now i need solid pink cushions for my saarinen chairs! darn you... :)

  11. Hello there!
    Thank you for your sweet 'hello' - it's so good to be back! x

    Have been thinking so much about you lately, having watched the horrid events in London. Hope you are safe and far away from it all. What an ordeal!

    Loving this bright and light home. There is something with the energy in all these rooms - happy and sunny. The cheery softness of the living room is gorgeous - so inviting, and like you I fell hard for the feature wall.
    The dining room is lovely and the Saarinen chairs to die for (that cerise pink is fab!), but personally I prefer my dining areas uncluttered. Not sure why, as I am a hard core book lover, but somehow this room feels to busy to be a formal dining room.
    The final room with the wrap around glass is wonderful. Imagine nestling into those lovely yellow pillows with a good book on a rainy day. Heaven!

    Will be back soon, though may not be as frequent as I wish just yet. Still so much to do here.

    Lots of love and be safe over there! xx C

  12. That blue couch has my name written ALL over it - love it! Hope you have a lovely weekend Will. xx

  13. Obsessing over this library/dining room space! The way the books bring visual interest and color to the room excites me.. I have always dreamed of walls of bookshelves in my future home, but now, after seeing this - I'm thinking rather than the typical living room bookshelves, the idea of using it in the dining room sounds perfect... love love love!
    Cheers to the weekend dear!
    xx, your girls at
    [comment by Mal]

  14. Swooning of the dining room/library, such a gorgeous room! xx


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