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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy Weekend

Whether you're decorating or not this weekend, I hope you have a few days filled with relaxation and time with loved ones. I've had a super busy week so I'm off to catch up on your blogs but before I go, though, I have to say: isn't this kitchen to-die-for? The cabinetry, the country cottage-style window, soft industrial touches provided by the pendant and the old meat chalkboard, not to mention the darling tree. Sunday morning coffee right here? You betcha!


  1. Good morning Will, Love this kitchen. It is simple yet it is so functional, what a great design. Busy weekend full of fun!! Decorating and wrapping gifts. Christmas music playing and it is crisp and cold outside. I would say an all and all great weekend. I have a short little post showing something I do in black and white stripes for Christmas on my blog today, hop on over when you have time,
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Beautiful kitchen, really.
    Hope You had a great we...guess mine will be relaxed.

  3. What a lovely kitchen- I adore the big drawers with the spices.Can you imagine the smell when you open a whole drawer of oregano!!
    Have a good weekend

  4. Lovely! I'll bring the croissant, you bring the tea- se you sunday morning.

  5. What a brilliant idea ... simple but OH SO effective, j'adore open shelving & the mugs hanging ... cuteness abound! Hope you & Toby are having a lovely weekend!

  6. Looks so cozy Will! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  7. Quite a kitchen, for real. Those labeled drawers and drawer pulls are sooo lovely. Happy Weekend, Will!

  8. Oooooh I love your blog!!! I just found it!

    You should come visit me! I will most definately be back here soon:)

    <3 summer

  9. lovely kitchen, found a few new white pieces myself today! two estate sales and the grand opening of a new antique collective, tomorrow the tree at home. perfect!

  10. Yes - my Scandi heart is beating hard and fast.
    Coffee there for sure!

    x Charlotta

  11. kind of kitchen! Meet you there for coffee!

  12. My wife is so addicted in decorating. We had been having some remodel (Minneapolis, house) for the past weeks. For now, we are doing some changes with the kitchen. She has been preparing for a Holiday kitchen for our grandchildren. Last year, when we spend our Holidays with our daughter, she also did the same remodel (Minnesota, my daughter's house). Our grandchildren love it and my wife enjoyed it.

  13. Stunning! God jul in Swedish = merry christmas. I need to re-do my kitchen -- I can see it now.

    A warm hug to you. Mon

  14. My kind of holiday decorating. so pretty!

  15. Oh la la! Love the white decorating!


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