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Friday, 3 December 2010

Colour Cocktail: Feeling Festive

With the smell of fresh pine needles filling my apartment, snow gently falling upon the windows and mulled wine heating on the stove, it's no wonder I'm feeling in the festive mood. I'm all set to decorate and after my confession for major stripe lust earlier this week I've decided to double date with both polka dots and stripes. Check out these statement baubles: from designer to nostalgic to recycled, there's an stripe or a spot for most taste points within this year's collections. Not looking to add baubles to your collection? No fear! Make your own striped statement using coloured ribbons hung from a bedstead or picture rail.
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  1. so many lovely festive things ... the bedroom decorated is so charming ... and I love the baubles, to you think they'd be too big for earrings .. LOL
    Lovely fun post!

  2. I love the ornaments - so cheerful:-) great inspiration! cheers from Munich, Igor

  3. Oh this made me so warm and fuzzy! Great stuff.

  4. I simply adore the Christmas tree is the fabulous piece of chic!

  5. Love the 1st and last ornaments - an I'v always got an assortment of ribbon on hand.

    Feeling festive now!
    xo Elizabeth

  6. wonderful colours! have a happy weekend!

  7. Oh this is defintiely getting me in the festive mood Will! Love those pretty baubles, they will go nicely on my tree!

  8. I love those pink and orange deers in the first photo you posted and the polka dot bauble and stripe bauble are fabulous!

    If you're up for it, I bet you could DIY the striped one! It looks like magazine strips that were folded a bunch of times and then formed into a ball.

  9. I (obviously) am loving the recycled one!

  10. Coulours or white- Love them all.
    Love your bright colours!!
    I am very excited as I have just been asked to gesut blog on a big host blog , with an all- white wreath from recycled materail.
    Check it out if you want!
    here is the link:

  11. Will, I love it! I dont get with polka dots and stripes shouldnt be friends :)

  12. Aah i love it - such a happy space! Specially loving that giant pink reindeer!
    Happy Friday!
    Rachie xo

  13. that seals it .... I need a pink christmas next year! wonder how I can get that approved through mr. sugarplum?!?

    happy weekend, will!

  14. I love it Will! The smells you describe are so what I miss.. and oh, to sit there in all that festive coziness and watching the snow wrap the city in a blanket of snow.. *sigh*
    Enjoy dear friend and sip some mulled wine for me.
    xx Charlotta

  15. We may get a tree this weekend. I love that tree smell! I love all these happy coloured decorations.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Will you find the best pics!! I love all the color!


  17. I'm feeling festive, too! Love all these colors together, so refreshing :)

  18. Thanks for joining in the festivities, gang!


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