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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday's Bright Links

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Bob's gift picks for the festive season.
Thank you to the lovely Jan at Poppytalk for her kind words about my short video for The Conran Shop.
A modern day Christmas.
A peek at Design Love Fest's workspace (these lamps are pretty darn cool, too).
Postage stamp coasters.
Apartment Therapy included the Technicolour Christmas shoot I styled for Rue in their holiday garlands post.
Guesting posting about my favourite chair design.


  1. Kiddo...YOU are a natural! LOVED!!! the mydeco spot. Incredible. A feel badly that I hadn't seen it earlier. just lovely ;-)

  2. I agree with Sharon up there. You really are a natural! I also wanted to be there and yell, 'please shut it everyone! i can barely hear a word he's saying'. lol. Will, you are actually one person I'd love to see on television as your enthusiasm and sincerity comes across in droves (which is such a refreshing change). Excellent work! Happy weekend.

  3. love these images. now i need to go watch your video.

  4. Yes you're a natural Will! Congrats!

  5. Great video! You are so brill!! Loving the guest post too..
    Rachie xo

  6. this is such a lovely grouping of imagery. great links seeing everything you're involved with

  7. I was reading this post via my iPhone at the hospital this morning and almost missed Isabella's appointment..! :)

    Loved seeing you 'in person' at the Conran Shop. I loved every moment of the interview (as did the rest of the waiting room.. when I cranked up the volume to hear it all..!)
    Used to live around the corner from there (on Sydney Street).

    Hugs from Summer-wonderland!

    xx Charlotta

  8. That china and that bedding is super fab - I just love it!
    Great links as ever!
    Rachie xo

  9. Hi Will!

    Thanks for including my Apartment Therapy post in your Bright Links! :)

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!!


  10. Thank you everyone for your warm words!


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