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Friday, 12 November 2010

Colour Cocktail: Cerulean Blue and Candy Yellow

Picture the scene: sunlight is pouring through your balcony doors, the chiffon curtains are billowing in the gentle breeze and the roll of cerulean blue waves sound through your apartment with comforting regularity. The brilliant white walls of your sea-view living room are like a prism of perfection to the rays of sunshine that beat down with warm abandon. Dancing around the room your loyal rays of sunshine ache for a colourful partner to accompany them during the long summer days. All they ask in return for their uplifting warmth is a splash of yellow stripes, or a familiar throw in cerulean blue to lift their spirits and complete the perfect summertime scheme.
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  1. Absolutely LOVE this idea, great layout too, makes it so much more interesting to look at, LOVE your blog!

  2. I love this combination, definitely one of my favs! That cushion is fab and love the yellow striped rug! xx

  3. It's my fave colour combo of the moment.

  4. You really do have a way with words, I can envisage that beach house like I was there right now waiting for my glass of bubbly (I wish!)

  5. I love these colors together. I just designed a color board for my design drafting class and used these colors for their office/den. So fun! And what a peaceful setting you described (:

  6. Love these two brights together, I'll take that yellow striped rug any day!! Have a fantastic weekend Will!

  7. That yellow stripy rug is a total bargain! Love it!

    Also loving the jonathan adler cushion - Divine!

    Happy weekend!

    Rachie xo

  8. Looks like someone is ready for Spring!

    I hope you're gotten off to a great weekend.

  9. Hard to be cranky in these rooms!

    Pretty close match to the 2 only colors in the Swedish flag. I am already convinced you have a some viking blood in your DNA.

    Happy weekend to you, Will.

    ox, Mom

  10. Great yellow stripe rug! Sounds so cheery and fun.

  11. This color combo makes me so happy!!! Sorry I have been absent lately I have been super sick! Yuck!
    But I am finally feeling better and excited to catch up on your amazing blog!


  12. Love, love it all, you know me and stripes and then you add a bright color and I am so there. I posted my dining room today ,you might like the stripes I have in there, Kathysue

  13. Thanks for your lovely comments!

    Mom - there is a bit of a Swedish colour theme going on here, you are right! xo

  14. I just found your blog and it's so great! I fiddle about on my blog from time to time too (although i'm a bit slack and my layout skillz are nowhere near as good as yours!). I just posted something on blues and yellows this morning, funnily enough!
    I too am obsessed at the moment! Looking forward to more inspiring Colour Cocktails on future visits.



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