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Tuesday 8 June 2010

{Luxury Bathrooms...} there anything more glamorous? If you could esacpe for a purely indulgent evening of pampering and relaxation, which bathroom would you choose? I'd go for the gloriously light and airy (4) option; to me this would be a perfect place to unwind. That said, my love for bright colours draws me to that uplifting and invigorating orange awning (1) and I am enjoying that mediterranean-blue armoire (2), too!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


  1. I love the Asian one (I think it's the painting and the commode.

  2. I'm a bit too practical for my own good I think - I can't stand the idea of a freestanding bath; I keep thinking of how difficult it'd be to mop up the water from the floor after a bath or shower! Perhaps it's experience talking - I rented a flat with a seriously impractical slipper bath in Clapham a few years ago; it was beautiful, but very very damp.

    Sorry to be so late with the well wishing, but I hope that your move went smoothly and nothing got frayed or broken.

    Are you in London?


  3. I'm more of a 5 guy myself...clean and simple and modern. The built in recessed shelf is perfect for toiletries.

  4. Off to take a bath! : ) Love these pics!

  5. i´m agree with you, #1 and #2 are perfect!!

  6. I agree, I'd go for #4. I love the vibe with the browns and the insect picture on the wall.

    I would, however, have to have the towel from #5 - looove that orange!

    Sadly my bathroom is now so small that you can't open the door fully (loo is in the way), it has no window and you can't keep towels in there as they don't dry. Also it was the only part of our new flat that we didn't redecorate (new floor but kept the tiles) so for now I'm stuck with ugly dark green tiles to waist height, then white tiles tiled on the diagonal (erm, was this fashionable in the 80s or something??).

    Still, the bath is a decent size and I can always soak with my eyes closed...

  7. I would love to be either in the bright and airy number 4 (except without the bug poster, horror) or the very dark number 6. I guess I enjoy extremes. But depending on the day sometimes you need a fresh space and sometimes you need a bit of a cave, don't you?

  8. yep, that second bathroom is my style! love it. julesx

  9. Will, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! Talk about blog lovin'...your blog is so fabulous! I am loving it, so glad to have found it :) I'm your latest follower! Love this last photo with the black walls, I am loving black paint right now.

    PS. I love your comment about Carrie Bradshaw's oven, I would use mine for storage too if it weren't for hubby's fab cooking skills ;) lol

  10. Fabulous choices, each one. I would love the third, fifth and sixth, but would enjoy all of them. Beautiful blog. Happy to have found you. Anything dealing with luxury and I'm a sucker! =)

  11. It's too hard to choose, really. I like something about all of them.

  12. the fifth image stole my heart. i could soak all of my troubles (and yours) in that tub!

    great inspiration!

  13. While my natural inclination is for the white bath with the blue commode, I would love to try out number six! A silver tub and blue glass and a moody dark room ...interesting.


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