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Wednesday 9 June 2010

{Decor SOS: Rugs}

In my new living room I have a white two-seat Karlstad sofa, teamed with a multi-coloured striped armchair from IKEA. Yes, this is because I couldn't afford a Paul Smith one (!), but when this guy needs his brightly coloured stripes, this guy needs his brightly coloured stripes. So, the IKEA version it was. I don't want to rush into getting a rug until I am sure I've found The One, but I know the space is crying out for some further warmth, and something that will anchor the room and tie the armchair and sofa togather. Will Mr.Right-Rug ever come and save my living room from it's Decor SOS? Only with the advice from you guys! I'd love to hear some of your rug-related suggestions for this scheme, please!

Images: Ikea


  1. Hey Will,

    I too am on the look out for a rug and think I will go for one of the natural sisal type ones. Hopefully going to visit this weekend to get samples. Let me know if you find any good ones


  2. Hello Will,
    I think a kelim-rug in orange/red tones would be very nice in combination with that white sofa and the coloured/striped chair!
    What do you think about the mix of modern (your furniture) with some classic-style rug?
    Best regards, Marjolijn

    ps. that Tommy-lamp is still in the UK, but I´ll receive it soon! :)

  3. i love Paul Smith´s fabrics stripes!!!

  4. I love Nani Marquina's creations (, and I think their style fits exactly with yours...

  5. Is the striped chair in pastel tones? Or is it just the photo?

  6. No help here... Whatever you pick out I am sure it will be fab!

  7. Love that chair! Stripes have a tight grip on my heart for sure. I'm no help in the rug search sadly, I've been looking for a new rug for our living room for a couple of years and have found nothing. Well, nothing that is within our price range anyway. Good luck, I hope you find something fabulous!

  8. hi will - i seem to be having problems leaving a comment on your blog. i will try one more time.
    If you are ok with another item from Ikea i think the stockholn Rand rug would be perfect.
    Its my favourite rug at the moment.

  9. Will,
    Love your blog, it is great to see a guy enter into the decor world! You have a great start to your room. This rug is great because it is also an outdoor rug, great for durability, stains and long lasting. Not sure if there is some brown in the chair, but if there is, then take a look at this one!

    The Designer Insider

  10. Will you have a great start, love the pop of color in the stripes. I don't have a specific rug in mind but I am seeing a large scaled print of maybe an abstract looking floral in two to three colors that pull from the chair. With the white sofa I think a stand-out rug would look the best, If I see something I will come back and let you know!! I love that you love color and stripes!! Kathysue

  11. What's the throw pillow situation on the sofa? That may help us know more of the 'tone' of the room? And is that couch comfy?

  12. this one totally crazy?

    I think it could work. Actually, West Elm has a few that could work. Please keep us updated!

  13. Okay, so I'm totally on the same page w/ Tommy above. Had that exact rug in mind myself! I think it would be great to pick up the yellow in the striped chair. Can't wait to hear what you pick! xx


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