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Friday 7 May 2010

{Toast: Blue and White}

Toast always get it so right, don't they? If you remember how much I love azure blue, then you'll understand why I'm all excited looking at their scrumptious blue and white offerings this morning. These pieces would be perfect for a relaxing bedroom scheme - I'm thinking pastel shades for the walls, plently of exposed wooden surfaces for warmth and texture, teamed with these calming blue and white accessories from Toast. Yummy.

Ok, so there's some yellow in here, but still the Eve Pottery is divine.

Sigh. This image warms my heart. I'm sure the cotton jacquard throw would be lovely and warming, too!

Images: Toast
Checks arn't quite as cool as chevron patterns, but the lovely blue and white hues still make this a winner.

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  1. blue and white always a winner Will..happy weekend


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