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Wednesday 5 May 2010

{Magazine Review: Elle Decoration May 2010}

Given that I love shelter magazines so much (I've been known to store them in my oven on occasion!), I thought it would be fun to share my favourite highlights from them each and every month. This super tasty and sophisticated spread comes from the May issue of Elle Decoration and is basically how to rock the monochrome look. I'm totally digging that NYC canvas (1) and the vignettes in the bedroom (7) are stunning in the simplest of ways. Just looking at this apartment makes me feel relaxed...just imagine living in it.

The latest issue of Elle Decoration is out now.


  1. I wonder......will the same issues be sold in Holland??
    Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.....I stack my magazines in my "fireplace"......AFTER we took out the fire offcourse;))))


  2. Ala Carrie Bradshaw - I love it! Mine are strewn all over the house in neat piles. Great pictures.

  3. Love that picture with the tub and chandelier. Just found your blog and it is lovely.

  4. Oh yes, monochrome is in these days. Magazines and the catalogs. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to find your blog. Jane F.

  5. So happy you stopped by my floral blog. With three weddings close on the horizon, I hope to have some new work to share very soon. Good luck to you in all your design endeavors. See you around the blogosphere!

  6. Loving your reviews Will! My magazines are in neat little piles all over the apartment. Its scary how many I have!

  7. Thanks for these! Really like the recycled storage system in the 2nd last image! And I share your love for magazines :)

  8. hey if you come a cross any Uk magazines that feature 9 by design let me know, would love to see all about the family home and business in a magazine.

  9. I always wanted to be one of those fabulous people who has an immaculate chandelier in the bathroom. Amazing.


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