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Thursday 20 May 2010


Sometimes I think we all long for that extra dash of elegance in our lives, and the faithful chandelier is pretty much elegance in an instant. What strikes me about this collection of images, though, is the variety of schemes in which are glamorous friends are used. From farmhouse-chic (1) dining rooms to modern-meets-grandeur kitchens (6). Weirdly, the chandelier seems to work its sparkling magic everytime.

Images: 1. Living Etc; 2. AT; 3. Bramborne Farm; 4, 6. DtoI; 5. Elle Decor; 7. HGTV; 8. Skona Hem via Perfect Gray; 9. HousetoHome


  1. Hello,
    Oh i liked your last pictures.
    So nice to put in those kristallamps in a modern home.

    Have a nice day, now have the warm wether come to Sweden and we LOVE it.
    // Dufvans antique and Shabby chic

  2. We've put a chandelier into our dining room space and it's surprised me how much I like it. It spent two years in our attic after my mum gave it to me and we put it in because we forgot to order the light we intended for the electrician to put in and he rocked up to do the job. Worked out very well in the end!

  3. I absolutely LOVE chandeliers! They had a certain glamour and drama to every space! xo

  4. that chandelier in the second image, has such a wow! impact in that small bedroom....

  5. Thanks guys x
    A Perfect Gray - I agree, it's amazing how it works in that small space.


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