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Wednesday 19 May 2010

{Decor SOS: Battered Stairs Seek Kind and Caring Update}

Newly retired stairs seek hard-wearing, faithful stair-covering for a quiet and relaxing retirement.
Willing to relocate, if the pattern's right.

Earlier this week Lesley emailed me with her Decor SOS to ask for advice on how to update her stairs. Currently they are painted, with a different design on each step, but have sadly become too worn due to years of use. Fear not, as this is the perfect excuse for a revamp, Lesley! My advice would be to...

...sand back the old paint and leave the stairs rustic and worn (P.S. I love this look!)

...or, paint a stripe down the middle in a chic colour (Converse trainers an optional extra...) could get all typographical, too, by adding letters or numbers

...choose a patterned carpet - like this gorgeous hexagonal design - and use as a statement runner

...perhaps stripes are more your thing? Yeah? Then the Amalia or Andrup runner rugs from IKEA would be perfect, and with prices starting at £6.99 this is a very affordable option. Plus, it's easy to sew several together if one isn't long enough.

...keep things monochrome for a chic and sophisticated look (practical at hiding dirt, too!)

Images: 1, 2, 5, 6. Living Etc; 3, 7. TT; 4. CC
...finally, if you feel like jazzing things up a little, why not stick mirrored squares to each step?

Ok, friends, what would your lovely Decor SOS advice be for Lesley and her stairs?


  1. oh that mirror is fab!!

    i liek the strip look, but also love just treating the risers with something. i posted an image of some stairs a while back with natural timber treads and they'd put orla kiely wallpaper on the risers. looked flipping brilliant.


  2. How about a colour spectrum? Each step a different hue? Pretty cheap and easy to achieve and would add sunshine to the darkest of halls.

    Also the Orla Kiely stairs mentioned above looked fabulous!

  3. Will, I love the second to last image with the black edging on the runner.

    Art by Karena

  4. I once saw a set of stairs with the bottom step turned into a drawer for shoes - exactly how much work does she want?!
    PS Love the blog.

  5. monochromeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! and, if you do not use shoes inside home, light colors are THE BEST!!!

  6. Of course I go for the shiniest ones! The last pic is gorgeous!

  7. paint the stairs in a different color! i love that grey and black one will. its gorgeous!

  8. I really feeling the single painted stripe or the runner with a border that hides dirt. You can't really go wrong with any of these ideas, though.

    I wish we could see a picture of the reader's stairs.

  9. magnifique, j'aime beaucoup

  10. Very nice! But not sure about the mirrored ones just a bit too bling-ey for me. BTW gave you a mention in my blog today too!

  11. mmmm, interesting . I have to do some thing at home.

  12. You've all given such great advice for Lesley and her stairs Decor SOS - thank you!


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