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Thursday 11 March 2010

{Office Inspiration: Jonathan Adler's home office}

Ok, so I'm going to biased because I'm already a huge Jonathan Adler fan, but how could I resist blogging about his office when it has that delightful seahorse lamp? As soon as I saw the feature on Apartment Therapy I was itching to share my enthusiasm for his space. Jonathan may have filled his office with items from his own collections, but I don't see any problem in that; it's nice to see that he believes in his brand, in fact I'd go as far to say he lives and breathes it. His office space is an extension of his homewares and pottery business: it doesn't take itself too seriously, and it certainly doesn't look like your average home office.

For a start, the desk is in the centre of the room, which instantly creates a space that's much more informal and relaxed than many offices. Plus, the table is round, allowed for a softer feel compared to angular, more traditional rectangular shaped desks.

The Utopia Sun vase is one of Jonathan's favourite home items and it never leaves the table in his office. Sure, this is an expensive vase, but to me it would be one of those items I would save for and look forward to purchasing, treasuring it for many years once I owned it. The fact it looks as though it belongs in a Tim Burton film plays to my imaginative nature, only making me like it more.

Thanks to the open shelves and myriad of ornaments, vases and artifacts, there is quite an eclectic feel to this space. I see so many office environments that are modernist, stark and lifeless. It's nice to see a work space that can strike that balance between retaining some interest and personality, whilst not being too overbearing.

Another striking difference from traditional offices is the tactile experience that Jonathan's home office offers. There are no uncomfortable or hideous swivel chairs in sight. Instead, there's a comfy armchair, over sized rug and plenty of soft textiles and funky cushions. Somehow, though, the space still retains the feel that it is an office and a space for working. Jonathan, in the unlikely event that you're reading this, please do share how you manage to do this!

Images: Ellen Morton, Apartment Therapy


  1. For a moment, I thought this post was about an Adler shop. It's certainly merchandised that way! Then when I read it was Adler's home office, whoa. You can *not* be relaxed and creative in this space. I love the seahorse lamp and the rug!

  2. It's nice to have a glimpse into the office of such a talented person. And it's so charming!

  3. Such a great office space! I really, really want the two pilliows pictured.

    Have you listened to the podcast Design Sponge did with Jonathan Adler? Its definitely worth a listen if you a fan ;)

  4. Really well put together. I'm itching to shoot it!


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