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Thursday 11 March 2010

{Birthday giveaway: Office accessories}

Today's birthday giveaway is my favourite of the week because I think the Palaset drawers and Osk photo frame combo not only looks great in bright fuchsia (a fab colour of SS10) but it's practical as well. From my Office Inspiration posts you'll know I think it's important to make the space you work in a colourful, pleasing and efficient environment. So, if you like this set of Habitat desk accessories, then it could be yours if you comment on this post telling me what you think makes a great office.

Images: Habitat

T's and C's: This giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes at midnight on 11th March 2010. The products cannot be exchanged for cash or any other products. The winning comment will be chosen by Thanks for entering.


  1. Organisation does a great office. Everything needs it's place andthere are so many cute folders, trays and boxes around so that everyone can organise easily and with style.

  2. Hello!
    I've got a very small space to work at, so I think that organised storage is incredibly important - many's the time I've been forced to type with my diary and masses of paper under my elbows.
    Also, as I work from home, making the office area look like it is still part of my home and not a part of an office planted in my home is quite important. I like being able to see all of my documents, discs and other bits and pieces, but on nice shelves which could just as easily be in the living room. Also a pin board is absolutely vital - I'm still working up to that one (I have many many bits of paper stuck to the wall in front of me at the moment). I'm working up to making my own though - I'll keep you posted!

  3. Glass fronted cupboards to keep books in without them getting dusty. Good light and comfortable chairs. Pinboards above desking, accessories that organise paperwork in a logical fashion and an overall sense of purpose and style that makes you WANT to work.

    If a home office, it should feel different to the rest of the home.

  4. I like to surround myself with things that inspire me. My home office is as styled as the rest of my home. Art works on the walls, good lighting, globes, family photographs etc.

    I find inspiration everywhere and have magnetic pin boards and a wire to clip scrap book images & photos to. This keeps things creatively in order and allows for frequent change.

    The pink draws and frame would look lovely on my wallpapered floating shelves and provide more room for creative organisation!

  5. Good Colleagues, plenty of nearby shops, Great communication and no hidden agenda's make the best office... That or copious amounts of Tea,Coffee, Biscuits and lovely Office furniture!!

  6. A great office has a big window, a comfy chair and lots of colour! A teapot and biscuit tin is good, too!

  7. A great office for me requires a sociable environment to inspire and motivate, quality lighting, adjustable comfy chair, high speed computer and plenty of storage space for my copious amounts of paperwork.

    oh and a boss who lets you surf the internet all day entering competitions :)

  8. Every great office needs a desk and a chair.
    A pen & pencil (& always a spare).
    An everlasting mug of coffee, or tea.
    Drawers for filing, and a window (or three).
    On the wall there's a whiteboard, with ideas and notes,
    And by the door there's the clock, and a hanger for coats.
    There's beanbags for sitting and thinking of stuff
    And a supply of chocolate biscuits (if things get tough).
    Your colleagues around you enthuse and inspire.
    It's the place that all others observe and admire.

  9. A great office needs a laptop and a sewing machine, a set of decent pens and a box of thread, a stack of newspapers and a stack of fabric, and a digital radio blasting out Radio 4.

  10. Hi there, love the blog. I think a great office needs natural light, a big desk, a white board to brainstorm or write to do lists, and a little bit of mess to show that you're working hard.

  11. A great office has storage storage storage. Everything work related has to have a place, but after that it should be a warm welcoming and personal space.

    After all we can spend a huge part of our lives in this one space.
    So I like greenery for the days when you cant get out into the big outdoors. Photos of family and friends. A gorgeous mug for sipping tea and getting to the bottom of a work problem.
    A few good prints on the walls to make you feel inspired and fab funky lighting as nobody should be in a dark place literally and metaphorically.

    Oops I nearly forgot a stash of choccie biscuits.

  12. Thanks for all your entries! has chosen JB08 as the winner! Congratulations, email me from the sidebar with you address and I'll get the goodies sent out to you.

  13. Excellent, thankyou so much. I have just emailed you my details!


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