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Friday 12 March 2010

{Blog love: Holley & Gill}

I love finding a new blog. There is something special about being able to support and read someones blog right from that exciting first post. I remember my first blog post, I was stupidly excited about it and must have loaded the page at least fifty times in the space of a couple of days. A few weeks later, when I started getting comments from readers it dawned on me that people were actually reading my posts - a feeling that I'm sure all us bloggers enjoy each time we see people engaging with our material and enjoying our thoughts.

This is why I wanted to share with you the Holley & Gill blog, authored by Conrad and Michelle. At a couple of weeks old, their blog which they launched alongside their new website for Montreal-based design office of the same name, already feels established and has a clear voice.

The couple have combined their individual experiences - Conrad's in marketing and branding and Michelle's fine arts and modern design work - to create their design agency, which believes products should have a sustainable and quality provenance. One of their recent posts gives an introduction to the processes used to create their products at a small, local studio. Much like Adler embraces his homewares brand with the decor of his home office, posts like these show that the couple believe, and are passionate about the ethos and ethics of their company.

Another of my favourite posts from these guys featured this desktop wallpaper (shown above). Perfect for spring and in my favourite yellow, it's perfect for loosing yourself in especially when that mid-afternoon/post-lunch slump hits around 3pm! Like the look of it? Download it for free from their blog, here.

So all-in-all Holley & Gill is a lovely new blog. One that shows both the depth of knowledge and experience Conrad and Michelle have from their relevant disciplines, whilst being informative and accessible. Go on over and show them some Friday blog love! Plus, if you like the look of the headboard (shown above), it's called 'Feathers' and is available to buy from their Etsy store.


  1. Oh, my... Yeah!! I waited more than a month until I felt strong enough to publish my first post!! ^_^

  2. Glad you agree, noemozica! Happy Friday to you!


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