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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

{Birthday giveaway: Kitchen goodies}

Today's birthday giveaway is one for the foodies. I recently blogged about how I often find myself inspired by food styling and the photography of recipe books. The kitchen is often full of exotic smells and exciting colours; it's one of the most sensory experiences inside the home and, I think, a place for endless inspiration when it comes to interiors.

If you're a fan of baking or kitchen paraphernalia, then you are luck because there are two prizes up for grabs today. The fun and funky Poppie muffin tray not only looks good when it's not in use, but being made out of silicone it makes baking so much easier. Whoever wins this has to bake me mini muffins, though...just kidding!
The second of today's prizes is the Lapu Lapu chopstick set, which sees a collaboration between Habitat and Italian designer Paola Navone. The collaboration includes bowls, plates and more, all of which feature the signature fish logo of Navone's studio. Win this funky chopstick set and Asian dining will never be the same again!
Images: Habitat

To enter this foodie giveaway, leave a comment explaining why your kitchen is in need of these stylish utensils. I'll randomly pick two comments when it closes at midnight tonight, and the winners will get either the Poppie tray or the Lapu Lapu set. Best of luck!

T's & C's: This giveaway is open to UK residents only, due to Habitat's delivery policy and closes at midnight on 9th March 2010. Only one entry per reader, please. The winner will be chosen at random by The Poppie tray and the Lapu Lapu set cannot be exchanged for cash or any other goods.


  1. Oh that chopstick set is FAB. My kitchen is huge, but a bit bare at the moment, not nearly as pretty as the rest of the house... so that's where I'm starting my decorating!

  2. I love the muffin tray - it would match my pink silicon heart shaped ice tray!
    We rent and aren't alowed to decorate at all so have to buy quirky utensils to make up for the magnolia walls!

    Nerys x

  3. I have been eyeing up those cute little fish bowls and other bits and pieces for so so so long now! Me and my partner are about to move to our first house, and they would be fab in the new kitchen!!

  4. Wow that chopstick set is just wonderful and my kids would just love me to bake them some mini muffins! I need something to brighten up my beige kitchen and either of these would be perfect.

  5. My kitchen is very boring and drab, fitted in the 80's - these would really brighten it up and help it look a bit more up to date! Plus I love baking muffins :) Thanks!

  6. Oh, my kitchen is in a terrible state, I don't have any fashionable utensils at all, just never got round to buying any. So would love to get my hands on some.

  7. The fish are the coolest things I've seen this year! I've had to drop the idea of moving to a new house - just after I'd crated everything up and thrown away most of my nice utensils, thinking I wouldn't need them anymore so my drawers are bare. Also, the muffin case would make a lovely present for my sister who has recently discovered a passion for making yummy things but sadly tends to turn out misshapen lumps - the tray would help her get her muffins right!

  8. Love the chopsticks :) mmmm and muffins... yummy!

    I have just moved into a shiny new flat and thus my kitchen is extremely bare at the moment so is in desperate need of some funky accessories to brighten it up and give it some personality as right now it has none whatsoever. Also, my flat is rented so painting is not an option sadly so need to rely on utensils for decor :)

    mmm... muffins :D :D

  9. I need the poppie muffin to bake a peanutbutter-muffins recipe I just found yesterday!!! :)

  10. Habitat Regent St still has my drool on the window from where I was coveting those cute japanese fish, and I heart any siliocon bakeware... so girly and eco friendly to boot.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I would love the fish to be in my house as we are not allowed pets in our student block so id let these ones happy swim around in my washing up bowl. I heart u habitat....mmm sushi time x

  13. Love the cute chopsticks! Would make a lovely start to our NY resolution to cook and eat more Chinese food

  14. Just think of all the hummingbird cupcakes I could make with that muffin tray!! :)

  15. i need to win because with spring comes patio weather, and i'll be SOOO tempted to go out to eat & enjoy a nice restaurant patio instead of cooking my own food :)fun new kitchen goodies will help me stay focused on cooking for myself and saving money!

  16. Thank you everyone for your great comments and very worthy reasons for needing new kitchen goodies! However, random,.org delivers the winners and they are...

    Winning the Poppie muffin tray is Ashleigh from 'illusive print' and winning the Lapu Lapu set is midcenturylass. Congratualtions to you both!

    Drop me an email from the sidebar and I'll arrange sending out your prizes asap.


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