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Thursday 25 February 2010

{Holly Jolliffe photography}

My Mum has a serious addiction to recipe books (sorry, Mum!) and for as long as I can remember her kitchen has been bursting at the seems with them. It certainly makes present shopping easy as I know she will always love a recipe book, but secretly, I'm also quite a fan of them for gaining inspiration. Be it the colourful, vibrant and cultural themes from the pages of Jamie Magazine, or the delicate, yet indulgent imagery from a Nigella book, I always find something that inspires me. The rich red of a pudding or the crackling of hot caramel - so many times the colour of one of my rooms has come from a recipe book. I think styling and photography for food and interiors often go hand-in-hand and boy do they make for some gorgeous imagery. Holly Jolliffe's photography is no exception and her online portfolio is perfect for escaping into for a dreamy five minutes.


  1. your blog is very inspiring, i like it

  2. Hey lor! Thanks for the lovely comment. I just checked out your blog, which has some really inspiring images on it!


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