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Sunday 2 August 2009

{Picnic chic}

August has finally arrived, bringing with it a parcel of sunshine. This glimpse of summer could only mean one thing - it was time for a picnic. Strolling through the park we saw: couples, families, and friends; all of whom were enjoying the good weather. Whether tucking into a hearty picnic, playing a boisterous game, or just quietly reading; they had all graced the park without a picnic blanket. We couldn't help but wonder about the extravagant country picnics of days gone by, which would have included plenty of cloudy lemonade and strawberries and cream.

In hindsight, we have to admit that all the fresh air had probably made us a little dreamy. Even so, these picnic blankets from Moleta Munro - an Edinburgh based interiors store, which champions innovative British and European design - are not only stylish and practical; they are also a quick and easy way to achieving a chic look for your next picnic.

'Anorak' picnic blankets, £36.


  1. If only they did the stags in red.Then I would be tempted!

  2. @Kristy perhaps this is the perfect excuse to buy the black stags and then go shopping for red picnic accessories!


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