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Monday 3 August 2009

{Lighting or tea lights? Lighting or tea lights?}

Sadly, lighting is all too often left for a quick dash around Ikea on a busy Saturday afternoon. Whilst Ikea can offer affordable options to light a room, it is perhaps a purchase overshadowed by the rush for a bag of 50 tea lights or that must-have potted cactus. Over at Bright.Bazaar we believe that lighting is one of the most important additions to our homes. A great way to add colour and depth to a space; good lighting really can change how a room feels. We've been on a search to find some inspirational room sets, which use lighting to tell the story in each space.

An antique chandelier adds a sense of grandeur and formality to a room - perfect for hanging above a dining table. If you prefer a more modern and quirky version, then check out these chandeliers by Squint, which you may remember appearing on the site a few months back - we're still loving them!

The task lighting in this small corner makes the space instantly recognisable as a work area. For more home office inspiration, check out our regular feature, Office Inspiration.

Images: Ideal Home
As it's the last month of summer, why not make the most of the light evenings and turn your garden into a romantic hideaway. Perhaps those tea lights were quite important after all...!


  1. The tea lights in the garden are such a ovely idea, do you think we will get a summer to enjoy!!!!?

  2. I do like using little tea lights in the yard during the summer. I have some mason jars that I like to put them in. I agree with you on the lighting front - you can have a beautifully decorated room, but the lighting can just kill the whole thing if it's not given some thought.

  3. @Sew Recycled It's a fab idea isn't it! I find the idea of alfresco dining by candle light so romantic - let's hope our UK weather sorts itself out!

    @Kathy I know! I've been to so many houses where they have been decorated so well, but the lighting had been forgotten - such a shame.

  4. Yes, I like the way a chandelier says 'this space (and in this case the activity of formal dining) is important to me' - it gives grandeur and emphasis, even if it is a quirky one.

  5. @Mise Couldn't agree more. I think chandelier's are a great way to make a bold statement in any room, especially a dining room


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