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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Three Ways To Add Colour To Your Living Room

Today I wanted to look at three different ways to add colour to living rooms because I've seen so many fantastic spaces packed with colour. The first scheme, Candy Colour, is the ultimate fun loving space and is easy to achieve with a statement armchair and vibrant textiles. The red thread that ties all the elements together? The stripe pattern across each element of the space. I love it! The second idea, Pastel Pretty, is the perfect scheme for those who like their colours to play a central role in their schemes, just in a more subdued manner. This look is achieved by layering in sorbet-like hues upon a calm and neutral palette. My top tip is to stick to one key hue, then mix in shades from within the same colour family; complete the space with no more than two accent colours to prevent the look from feeling too 'busy'. The final scheme, Painterly, is a fine example of how to use colour to create a striking statement without loosing femininity. This is because soft brush strokes of colour, as opposed to the harder lines like those in the Candy Stripe scheme, bring a delicate feel to the space that suits the blue and violet colour palette. Which look gets your vote, friends?
// 1. & 2. Country Homes & Interiors; photography by Jeremy Baile and Jon Day | 3. House to Home; photography by Dominic Blackmore


  1. oh Mr. Will I can't decide! Torn between pastel and painterly ... I love elements from both styles! Our home will probably end up more a mix of both as I'm more leaning toward the soft pastel colorway, while Chris is drawn to bold, vibrant hues.

    Truly inspirational I would say! Great Job!

  2. I vote two, soft and lovely!

  3. These are all so beautiful, and I can't pick a favourite between Candy Colour and Pastel Pretty! I used to be all about subdued colour, but with a little one running around these days, I'm more inclined to add some fun, bright colours to our home! Thanks for great inspiration, as always! :)

  4. These sweet colours make you warm inside!

  5. Three!!! It's bold, stylish and creative.

  6. Candy Colour!! What a great room. When can I move in?

  7. la tercera habitación me parece, sencillamente ideal!!..el cuadro de la pared alucinante!

  8. Hi Will, I think I'm partial to the 2nd look, even though the pow wow painting in the 3rd picture sure made me look again.
    Saw the pics from Anthro yesterday - would have loved to be there, looked like so much fun, and so many familiar faces :)
    Happy Wednesday

  9. Oh yes I am loving the painterly option. Good advice.. pick one hue and mix in shades from the same color family... good call. I need some color in my living room.... hmmmm feeling inspired! Thanks!

  10. I love the painterly option. Great combination of colours!

  11. Got to be 2 for me ..... though, the colourful picture is stunning

    Dee at the Carlton

  12. love the second scheme-esp.the color of the couch-yummy!

  13. I love love love #3 - so striking!

  14. I absolutely love the pastel shades! The column "three ways to...." is so awesome!!!!!!!
    thanks Will
    ciao ciao

  15. Painterly! I love dresses done in painterly patterns too! so it was a natural choice! :)


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