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Saturday 24 November 2012

Happy Weekend: Festive Red Kitchen

As there's only a week to go until December hits I'm well and truly feeling the festive spirit! I normally don't start decorating my place until the 1st December, but I'm not sure I can resist taking a walk through the woods this weekend to pick up some festive foliage to start placing around the apartment. Truth be told, I don't know why I'm even pretending that this might not happen because I even tried to get some winter berries from my local florist last weekend, but I was too early! What can I say? Mr. Bazaar loves the festive season! Whilst I can realistically bring smaller decorative pieces into my home, I don't have space for this beautiful SMEG fridge I spotted over at West Elm, but that won't stop me dreaming - isn't it fab? In fact, the whole kitchen space it's styled in is rather dreamy. I have very similar storage unit to this, except in black metal, and it's given me some styling ideas to try out over the weekend. How about your weekend? Will you be doing anything fun and festive? Have a lovely one, friends!
// West Elm


  1. i love that storage unit/bookcase---do you happen to know where its from?

    1. Hi Mary! Sure, it's from West Elm. Here's the link:

  2. That Smeg fridge is to die for. Enjoy your weekend Will! xx

  3. I have a retro red fridge (it was a birthday gift from family/friends). I love it!

  4. A week until December? What?! Crazy... I'm digging red+white at the moment - so crisp!

  5. Johns brother has a smug fridge in cream - I so want one! ( in a brighter hue though!) happy Weekend sweetie - am Christmas shopping at Westfield with Sarah! X

  6. Happy weekend, Will! Here it's super sunny so I will hit the city right now, stroll over the Christmas markets (they are all set up and ready but not open yet) and do some compulsory weekend shopping:-)

  7. Hello Will!

    I'll be making with my children some Christmas tree ornaments (I'll share it later on my blog). Like you, we only decorate our home for Christmas on 1st December (it's our wedding anniversary so, we enjoy make it a very special day! But yes, I'm already feeling festive...I love this time of the year, despite the rain outside :)

  8. happy weekend! I'm hoping to start decorating for Christmas. my kids and I made salt dough ornaments last weekend and I'll be sharing that soon too. its my favorite holiday!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  10. EEEk I so agree! I've started burning the christmas holiday candles, and I'm pulling out my fairy lights today!

  11. Hello hello!
    Yes me too.. I am a HUGE festive person and I simply go nuts over Xmas - the one season where total devotion to ones festive passions can be practiced. I have collected pine cones, branches, twigs and gorgeous blue berry bushes for weeks. They are stacked in baskets on my balcony waiting to be sprayed in gold, silver and perhaps some sexy colour to be decided.
    I picked up some fab wrapping paper the other week as well and am designing labels and Xmas cards for my loved ones. Oh it is just too much fun isn't it!
    Dishes for my annual Christmas Day buffet mingle are being pre-cooked in my mind and lists are emerging.. Sighs of sheer happiness from me!

    Loving the fridge - have always had a weak spot for Smeg. Design icons for sure!

    OK luv. Off to hang with the kids. Isabella has had a big birthday party for the family today and I am pooped. Glass of red, cheesy family movie and cozy socks for me at this stage!

    x Charlotta

  12. Great fridge! I just recently also added a huge cupboard to my kitchen, I like it for winter to be less empty and basic.

  13. le sigh...have always wanted a smeg!

  14. oh my!! I LOVE that fridge and shelf.

  15. The red fridge is fabulous. Yes, beige is boring but such a nice backdrop to pops of color. I like how you've added bits of red here and there that refer back to the fridge.
    Now some yellow enamelware and a vase of yellow tulips!


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