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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kitchen Notebook: A Green & Black Beauty

I've always felt a strong connection to the kitchen. Yes, I love to eat(!) but it goes deeper than culinary pleasures and stems back to happy childhood memories. When I was little my mum and I used to stand side-by-side baking for hours on end. We'd bake cakes, cookies, biscuits and lots more; I'd watch mum first and then make my own much less fancy version, but it was still a whole lot of fun. These days when I'm at home I'm often found in my kitchen, whether it's enjoying the peace of dawn with my first coffee before a new day kicks in, cooking up a dish for dinner or working away on my laptop. I'm no minimalist so that cosy, lived-in feel that one often feels in the kitchen thanks to the abundance of pots, pans, utensils and foodie bits, makes me instantly feel like I'm home. That's why the kitchen space of Austinites Marco Rini and Tim Cuppett resonated so strongly with me. The open wall storage and little nooks filled with linen-packed baskets makes for a practical and cosy kitchen that oozes personality. Plus, the olive green and black colour scheme works a treat with the raspberry red accents - delicious! What do you like about this kitchen? Do you have happy kitchen memories?
// Photography by Alec Hemer for Country Living


  1. I love this kitchen. The colours are beautiful! I'm especially into kitchens right now because we moved into a new house that needs a completely renovated kitchen, and I will be moving to university, where my dorm won't have a kitchen. I've definitely got kitchen envy right now!

    Et tu, tutu?

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! The is the perfect shade of green, and you are right, it feels so cozy and lived in. Nothing says "home" more than a cozy kitchen! Love this!

  3. Awww Will, I saw this kitchen today and fell in love with it too!I heart the colour, the natural light, the accessories; really everything!! So cozy too!

  4. What a nice spot! Kitchen has to be one of my favorite rooms in the house.
    Love the red stove, really how cool it would be to cook dinner on it!

  5. I love the cosy, busy feel of this kitchen Will. Like you, I love to cook and to eat so the kitchen is the hub of our home and my favourite room :)

    Abbey x

  6. delicious indeed! I love these shades of red and green together, and the AGA cooker .... drooling! However, I am more of a minimalist, so although the style of this kitchen is not exactly my taste, I still appreciate it from a design perspective :)

    Following the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies wafting from the kitchen in my childhood home has to be my favourite kitchen memory! Unfortunately, I'm not so gifted in the cooking department, but I have found a way to create some interesting recipes of my own at The Design Chef ( ). Have a peek if you like ;)

    Great blog Will!

  7. Oh man that stove is to die for. Why is it sold in every common wealth countries BUT Canada? Anyway this post convinced me to go for the red and black combination in my kitchen.

  8. Raspberry and olive, such a beautiful combination! And great picks Mr Bizarre! I especially love the Aga, oh how I'd love an Aga one day.

  9. Funny, I pinned that top photo from Country Living yesterday after a lot of swooning over it. I love kitchens that have plenty of stuff in them and I definitely have plenty of wonderful kitchen memories. I'm hoping that I'm helping my kids create some as well, as we do a lot of cooking and baking in this house.

  10. I agree - lot of my child memories involve cooking with my mom! LOVE the fun green - such a cheery space!

  11. Your so cute and handsome!

  12. even if i don't love cooking, i adore this kitchen!!the olive green is my favourite..!(ok after pink)!!

  13. This kitchen is so cozy! Olive green, raspberry and it!


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