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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Take Your Pick: Colourful Hallway Stripes

OK, folks, here's a fun task to make Tuesday a little more bearable for you! Which of these two striped hallways do you like best? Do you opt for the olive green and dusty mauve wide split stripe design or the classic blue and white combination of the nautically themed second space? Whilst I like how both spaces have echoed their colours and stripe patterns in the runner rugs, I think the effect is more suited to the second space. That said, in the first space the bold azure blue within the artwork really lifts what are fairly muted colours, adding a dash of quirk to the scheme. However, on balance I'm just airing a little more on the side of the second hallway. I love the combination of red, white and blue and think the untreated exposed stairs adds just enough 'grit' to an otherwise safe and gentle scheme. Which takes your vote?
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  1. I like the green with the white inbetween. There I was thinking of doing bold grey and white stripes, but now Im really digging this 3 colour combo :)

    1. Pleased to have given you some colour inspiration today, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. LOVE the second, I love the nautical feel of it. I just had roman blinds installed in our front room, blue and white striped, the blue is almost identical to that pictured.

  3. Yes! Stripes are my best friend! One day there WILL be a room in my home with stripes on the wall or floor. =)

  4. Happy summer! I personally love the second picture! I love the stripe on stripe idea! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  5. The second one is so inspiring to me, I'm thinking of doing it in my stairwell.

  6. I would love to give this a try! I think the second pic with the textured wood of the stairs adds that extra bit of interest xx

  7. I definitely prefer the second hallway, I think it has a nautical feel to it. Also, not that I am American as I'm not but it also has a 4th of July colour scheme.

    By the way I love your blog and how its set out, so very user friendly and although I am a bit of a "neutral" gal, I do have pops of colour in my home and also an artist so I do love to look at colour. My house is little so I feel "neutral" works but once I build that dream home I will definitely have a lot more colour or go "all white" gosh how would that feel, probably a bit cold.

    Lee ☺


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