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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sneak Peek: Joules' Debut Bedding Collection

Mr. Bazaar's top picks: Kids | English garden pillowcase | Strongman cushion | Cool Cat cushion | Adults | Ribbon Stripe Horse pillowcase | Deckchair Stripe towel | Coastal Boats pillowcase
Today I'm bringing you a sneak peek of British brand Joules' debut bed and bath collection for kids and adults, which launches in August. The collection is a collaboration with Bedeck and reflects the iconic British countryside, with inspirations pulled from outdoor pursuits including sailing, gardening, rugby and equestrian activities. Having seen all the pieces in person last week I can safely say that the quality is on point, with each design soft to the touch and excellent details upon the cushions such as embroidery, appliqué and ribbon detailing. I also love that the children's designs come in single and double sizes, so that kid-ults like Mr. Bazaar (!) can also buy the pieces. I love the colourful dots seen on the reverse of the Piggy Cat Farm design and the Strongman cushion from the Circus collection is very fun and ideal for a little boy's room. From the adult collection I'm drawn to the Sunbird Floral and Coastal Birds designs. Which pieces and designs do you like best, folks?
// Joules


  1. i adore the piggy cat farm, with the coastal boats a close second. Looks like a great collection!

  2. I love the piggy cat farm. I'm picturing it for my daughters room, its cheerful and would grow with her

  3. love the piggy cat farm - those polka dots are so fun! Such a gorgeous + colourful collection! xx

  4. The circus set is fantastic. Definately my favourite.

  5. I think my girls would choose the pretty one with the polka dots in the top photo and I'm sure my little boy would ask for the cruising boats ;-) Personally I'm all for soft and natural colours in the bedroom, I don't want any bold statements in there. But the kids want colours and patterns in theirs.

    I hope you're enjoying a wonderful week. I'm catching up on blogs after a long weekend that mostly was spent with the computer turned off.

  6. Now this is something to look forward to!!!! I love that cool cat cushion, so much fun!!

  7. i want all the cushions!!

  8. 'kid-ults' - I love it Will! I'm definitely one of those :) The english garden with its mix of floral, stripes and polka dots is my pick :)

    Abbey x

  9. are they also reversible? I love them all! Especially the polka dots of course...

  10. Love the polka dot and boy that horse one looks dreamy too! Will have to order them and see if they can be shipped to Germany when I go there on vacay in the Summer!

    1. We have such similar taste as that Piggy Cat Farm is one of my faves as well! :)

  11. Love these bed linens! Always a sucker for a good flora/stipey mix.

  12. This is a great collection and I too love the cushions! The cool cat one is so cute!! x

  13. I like the reversable patterns and that the two sides are so different. The pillow you chose is my fav too. very whimsical.


  14. love this! it's such a fun company!

  15. Wow, these are some of the most whimsical beddings I've ever seen! Love the stripe horse pillowcase!


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