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Friday 20 April 2012

Finding Colour Inspiration & Ideas

I get a lot of my colour inspiration from travel, as well as just walking around in the natural environment. I love to try and notice colourful little details that could otherwise pass me by in life. So, I headed over the the Laura Ashley blog to share some of my recent colour inspirations, both from travels and closer to home, as well as share some ideas for how you can find colour inspiration. In the post you will see some of my photographs from Italy, to Paris, to London and beyond! When I was in Paris I visited Merci and I spotted this paint splattered tabletop, which I fell in love with it at first sight. I'm thinking it's probably been a base for some serious creative happenings...! Isn't it great how the smallest little details can inspire us? You can click here to read the whole post for more of my snaps.
// Photography by Will Taylor


  1. Your life sounds so interesting. Loving your photos! -Melissa

  2. it's wonderful how you can see something special in the details)

  3. Beautiful colors and beautiful inspiration :)

  4. For me, traveling is the most essential way of finding any kind of inspiration. Every travel resembles a sort of intense breeze through my mind and brain - it blows away the clutter of everyday life, work, tedious thoughts. And thus it makes space for ideas, creativity, happiness - all that comes along with inspirations found on-the-go.

  5. Isn't it amazing how travelling really opens your eyes to the tiniest details? Somehow my senses are heightened and I notice things that on a typical day would simply go unnoticed. Love that table and the fact that it would have so many stories to tell about the wonderful pieces created on it. :)

    1. That's just what I feel as well when I travel, Lisa. As for that table? The moment I saw it I felt so inspired by its colourful nature and my mind wandered thinking about the creative moments it had been subject to. Wonderful!

  6. congrats on an exciting co-branding op, clicking over the check it out!
    in dramatic fashion


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