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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday's Bright Links No. 75: Bold Blues

Photography by Sean Fennessy | Styling by Lucy Feagins
Lovely tour of Fay Andrada's home.
A simple and pretty little Easter DIY.
Love the hot pink accents in this home tour.
Need to try and make this spicy black bean burger.
This is such a cute store for dog owners.
Sarah and Lou's home has some lovely colours in it.
I'd like to visit Sausalito one day.

10 things I learned & loved last weekend.
Colour up with sofas, beds and cushions.
Adding colour with stools in the dining room.


  1. I love this bright blue tub and door. We've painted our front door in bubble pink, will need to send you some pictures soon.
    I sorted our cords on Friday when I was off sick but Gosh, it wasn't as styling as what Jen did!

    Did you see the lovely prints of NYC we have at BODIE and FOU
    Have a great time in NYC, I'm gonna carry on my little creative projects this weekend

  2. love your bold blues!
    Thanks for the wonderful links. I'm definitely making that burger and I may need to move to Sausalito. And yes, beautiful Laura Ashley post, as always.

    Have a wonderful Sunday ;-)

  3. love the organising your cords post it great, thanks for sharing, i stash mine in a basket, but they get tangled so this would be much better.

  4. love the bright blue door and high gloss vanity! Who said the front door has got to be red, green, or black!

  5. I love your Sunday's Bright Links, it's always a treat on sundays. Love that bright blue door. I had friends living in San Francisco, so I've been to Sausalito, a place I would consider living because of the artistic vibe.

  6. Loving the bright blue door. Such a fun pop of color!

  7. Hi Mr. Willson,

    Hope you had a happy weekend!

    Followed your link to Silje's home in Norway. What a place!

    Hugs to you,


  8. Great links Will! Loved your workspace guest post + Sarah Yate's home is gorgeous! xx

  9. The colours of this bathroom are amazing! So vibrant!

  10. Love that home tour and the spicy black bean burgers sound sooo good.Have a good Monday!

  11. Have you ever been to Morocco? Essaouira is the only other place I've seen blue this bright. ;)

  12. Check out this shoot that I did in Sausalito! It's every bit as cute as it looks in your blog post!

  13. Oh that door is fabulous!! So bright , yet strong! Love it!

  14. I need that bright blue door! Can't put into words how amazing it is.


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