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Friday, 23 March 2012

Colour Palette: Adding Colour With Stools

House DK via Bodie & Fou
The mix of colour and texture in this dining area is spot on, don't you think? By keeping the main pieces of furniture - table, sideboard, shelves - simple and pared back allows for an array of hues around the table in the stool legs. Adding colour in this way means you can be more adventurous with your choices because the hues are accents to the space, rather than serving as a base palette to the whole room. Play with texture by mixing together upholstered and wooden stool tops. This mix of tactile elements adds interest to the space. Have you ever added colour with stools? What are your tips for adding colour to dining areas?


  1. I love the mix of plain wood with bright colors. It's such a rustic, but interesting touch.

    Stay in the Lines

  2. Looks like a fun space. The table is rather delightful, too. Looks like it is constructed from plumbing pipe? Rather fab. Just imagine if it were connected to running water - now that would be good a dinner party trick! Need a top up of the water jug? Why, just turn on the tap under the table!

  3. I always like the idea of mismatched chairs at a dining table. I think it's great to mix up an area that can be too formal and stuffy like a dining area. Color is great to add to what can be a boring palette and if you use paint, they can be easily painted over with another color next year! Teri

  4. This makes me think of the local Mexican restaurant. It has fun, painted stools and chairs in all sorts of different colours. Tons of fun. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. I love the rustic vibe mixed with the colourful hues, it looks like such a fun space! Chairs/stools + lighting + decorative elements are always a great way to add colour to a space xx

  6. I love this picture!
    I bought for my new kitchen a pink stool from "kitchen trend" and I would like to add another one soon.
    Pretty+versatile and colorfull ;-)

  7. Ok, I do love the stools and how they are painted, but the entire space is drool-worthy! It just looks fun and happy!

    Speaking of happy, Hope you have a fabulous and happy weekend!

  8. I love that this isn't too matchy-matchy! Thanks so much for sharing! :-) Have a great weekend.

  9. These are adorable! I am going vintage hunting for stools this weekend so I can paint the legs and add colour for Spring! Happy Friday.

  10. this whole room is great - love that rustic table and the stiched stool cover is gorgeous as well!

  11. A great way to introduce color!

  12. The stools are pretty flipping happy! Great dining room. We don't have a separate dining area, it's all kind of one large living area. We have 4 vintage bar stools that are all different colours. love them. Have a good weekend.

  13. I so want a blue pot with a pink orchid now!

  14. ooo, i'm so all about this punch of colour!
    love the rustic table top
    x kat

  15. This is a gorgeous room...right up my alley. I love our dining room, the table especially means a great deal to me, but it is DARK. I need somethings in their to brighten it up. This has long been a dilemma of mine. Oh, the problems we have!


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