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Saturday 14 January 2012

Happy Weekend: January In London

Photography by Will Taylor
The past few days bought beautiful winter weather to London. You know, those crisp, clear blue skies kinda days where the air is bracing but not freezing. Feeling snap happy as the weekend approached I looked for outdoor visuals to inspire me. At the height of the day, the rooftops of the Georgian architecture in central London looked breathtakingly beautiful as they stood proudly under the swimming pool blue sky. Seeking a temporary reprieve from the dropping temperatures I dived into this Italian deli. I loved the subway tiles and green pendants but truth be told, I loved the decor (and food!) full stop. Then, as dusk fell, a whole different atmosphere was created as I walked through London. Symmetrical fairy lights framed the contours of this building with colourful splendour, and a quiet walk by the water felt very restorative. So, here's to the weekend and this wonderful winter weather. What are your plans, friends?


  1. I know that deli is on Whitfield street!!!! I was there for lunch today!

  2. Here's to the weekend! Full of snuggling on the sofa, dinner parties with friends and warm bowls of soup. Hope its a great one for you!

    xx Ashleigh

  3. you are making me miss london will! those shots are so lovely... must visit again soon! happy weekend xo

  4. I want to visit London so badly! Especially after seeing these beautiful pics. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Lovely! I love London- looking forward to my February visit!

    My plans this weekend are simple- country walk, roast dinner, lots of reading my Kindle! Have a good one!

  6. My plans are very similar to your, we have another crisp and clear day, I want to get on my bike and ride around Regents Park, always beautiful. My best, Kelly

  7. Wonderful pictures and wonderful crispy London! :-)
    (I visited London one month ago and I miss it!! here you can see my pics:

    My plans are:
    tonight: aperitivo with girlfriends and then dinner by friends house. Tomorrow, if the weather stays wonderful like today, a nice long walk in the countryside :-)

  8. I hope the weekend will bring you the same goodies as these past few days have brought you... Looks wonderful!

    Enjoy your weekend, Will.

    Nina x

  9. Its soooo nice to see blue sky isn't it? Forgot how blue the sky could be..

  10. Great pics Will! I love days like that - they make winter so lovely don't they? :)

  11. The weather in London was really great until today! It's freezing out there! I'm planning on visiting Tate Modern today! Have a great weekend Mr. Bazaar!


  12. I am loving January here in London. Glad you are too! The weather has been wonderful the last week or so.

  13. The pictures are gorgeous, W! Happy weekend, xo.

  14. How I love London at any time of year! It's Summer here in Australia so while you're snuggling up we are sweating it out with heat waves and drinking iced Lemonade.

    Yesterday I went to see the musical Mary Poppins - sensational to say the least...loved every minute. Today I'm planning a visit to the Nespresso boutique to pick up some supplies :o)

    Have a great weekend.


  15. Love this post especially those images. They really do inspire!

    HOP Interiors:


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