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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Happy Weekend: 3 Last Minute Decor Ideas!

As much as I try to be organised, the last weekend before Christmas is always a busy one for me and this weekend's agenda is pretty full. I'm heading to the airport to pick up my friend who is flying back into London from Sydney at 5am on Saturday (and trust me, no-one wants to see Mr. Bazaar at that time of the morning, so let's hope it's quiet!). Then after a quick freshen up back at our place we'll be heading out for brunch and some festive fun times. I also need to get all my cards written and finish my wrapping, oh and try and squeeze in a little seasonal baking. Phew! What are your plans, folks? If you're looking to add a few little last minute Christmas decor, why not use some seasonal foliage or a wreath to add interest to your entryway or front door? Or, perhaps you're keen to get crafting? If so, use up leftover baubles or pick up a value pack from the store and use a hot glue gun to fix them to a wooden panel in the shape of a tree - a great space saver for small apartments, too. I love the colourful feel to the one I've shown here. If, like me, you're strapped for time, a simple row of pine cones and glowing votives down the centre of your dining table, or along a sideboard is a sure fire way to festive cheer in under five minutes! Have a good one, friends.


  1. great ideas! have a great weekend!

  2. I'm doing crafting this weekend, once i finally finish my Christmas shopping!
    I'm making 2 table centrepieces! I'm going to post them on my blog on Sunday hopefully so take a look!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Saskia x

  3. Great ideas Will. The pinecone one is so simple and easy. If you had a bit more time you could spraypaint them gold to add a bit of glitz! Have a great weekend!!! x

  4. Yes, sometimes the simple decorating is classic. Love the pics you have shown. Do you ever relax? Sounds like you are very relaxed at 5am. ;-) Aren't we all. Happy holidays!

  5. Love the bauble tree! I have been pretty lazy with my decor so far...I might have to try the tree!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Time is flying, and I have a lot to do before Christmas too. If I'm not getting a real tree this year I will form my baubles like a tree I think, love that idea! I will try to figure out a way to put them together without glue, so I can use them in my tree next time I get one.

  7. Love the ornament tree! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. i love the ornament tree idea! we didn't put up a tree in our apartment this year because of the space issue, but a tree like this would fit perfectly. have a great and productive weekend ;)

  9. I thought I was so on top of things then I realised a batch of cards not written and presents to wrap. all now done. Christmas eve I'll make up two more wreaths and ice my two christmas cakes.... but till then Stockholm here I come.

    Hope you've had fun and Happy christmas

  10. How cute!! It's amazing what can be achieved with glue gun and a little imagination isn't it..?

  11. Thanks for stopping by this weekend, folks! Hope you are all having (or had!) a lovely Sunday. xx


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