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Friday, 16 December 2011

Scouts Honor Co. Studio & Shop Discount

Wahooo! We made it to Friday, folks! And if the forthcoming weekend wasn't enough to be excited about the lovely Anne Marie from Scouts Honor Co. is kindly offering all Bright.Bazaar readers 10% off her entire stationery and print shop. Just enter the code 'WILLUK' at the checkout and you're good to go! As well as a peek at some of the paper supplies in her store (hello, that lantern card needs to come home with me!) I've also shared a peek inside the studio where the products are created. It's refreshing to see a workspace that's real and not contrived. Rather, there's a feeling of stylish practicality to how the products and supplies are stored in old trunks and printer's trays that gives the space a functional yet welcoming feel. I also like how gentle additions of colour are added through quirky accessories and soft textiles such as flags and scarves. Be sure to check out Anne Marie's illustration, hand type, and custom design work and why buy a few last minute holiday cards, or stock up for next year while you can take 10% off! Which card do you like best?


  1. Very cool!! The lantern motive is my favorite, too! But that was predictable, right?:-)

  2. LOVE it! I think that the gift tags are my favorite. I'm with you, Will. That font is grrrrreat.

  3. Love that lettering in the first picture!

    x Elizabeth of Thompson & Prince

  4. ahhh! i love anne marie's space and her newly launched shop. sooo excited to see her space here. thanks for sharing, will!
    p.s. her winter supplies card is my favorite!

  5. Love this! Looking forward to checking out the shop.

    Have a fab weekend!

  6. @Igor - No surprise there, blogging bro! ;)

    @Tommy, Elizabeth Jaime - I know, right? AM has a knack with type!

    @Jennifer - Excellent choice. Did you know that comes in a print as well! So tempted!

    @Hannah - Let me know what you think! Have a fab weekend also.

  7. Wow!!! I say in italian caos creativo!Molto chic!

  8. This is an amazing studio tour! I wnt this space sooo much, it has a lovely relaxed feel...loving the type too!x

  9. Hi Will,
    Nice meeting you lat night at the Soho Hotel. I really enjoyed talking to you and the others. I would kill for a studio space like this, mine is a bit messy but I am getting there. I will keep reading your blog as it brings me lots of inspiration. Have a nice Christmas and a glorious and colorful 2012. Margarita.

  10. Love the tractor and lantern cards... very cute :) Looks like a great company... I'm gonna check them out now. Have a great weekend matey x

  11. Lantern is very cool but also loving those tags with such a nice font!
    Happy Weekend darling!
    Rachie xo

  12. So this is where all those beauties are coming from! So nice to be working in a place with large windows and great view (very inspiring as it proves!)

  13. I've seen her studio before, and every time its so inspiring and fresh. Love this tour!

  14. Thanks so much, folks! Delighted to see you all giving Scouts Honor Co. the awesome response their creative products deserve! :)

  15. Scouts Honor Co., is spectacular! Love the workspace too. I love seeing where designers and artists create. Thanks for the sneak peek Will!

  16. These are fab Will. What a great studio too. Loving that lantern most. Have a lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x


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