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Monday, 21 November 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loving these three recent buys: a old-style sweet jar, a yellow hurricane lamp and a sweet little owl to add to the collection!
2. I felt inspired by the colourful wrapping paper on this present from The Conran Shop.
3. Enjoyed walking around Hampstead in Saturday's crisp and foggy weather.
4. Proving life isn't all about vases and pretty things: here I am getting my hands dirty teaching myself how to change a wheel on the car after it suffered a puncture on Saturday afternoon!
5. Big Ben looked even more impressive than usual on Sunday as it pierced the clear, winter blue sky.
6. Loved how this back lit tree looked illuminated with a warm orange glow.
7. I started looking for my Christmas cards and this letterpress card caught my eye.
8. Polar bear jumper? Adorable.
9. How fun is this circular candlestick holder from Ferm Living?
10. Tempted to add this little fellow to my Christmas decor!


  1. Wonderful things:-) I have the same owl in another colour:-) and love your Zara vest:-) Cheers, Igor xoxo

  2. You can never have enough shiny white owl ornaments!

  3. I love your 10 things posts Will, always such a lovely start to the week! I adore the reindeer too and your new owl is too cute - where did you get if from? Happy Monday :) xx

  4. oh i love Hampstead...especially the Heath! Spent many summers there with my grandparents....such lovely memories!

  5. Love your vest and the brass reindeer!


  6. Love the lantern and the gorgeous photo of the tree :) happy Sunday!

  7. the latter press is just stunning

  8. Fun to see you getting your hands dirty changing the wheel :-)

    I really like the huuricane lamp in yellow, and that brass reindeer is great. When I followed the link I discovered that it's quite big too, even better!

  9. Love the shot of you changing the tire...and job well done! That's on my list of life lessons I *need* to learn! :)

  10. Darling Christmas your vest, too.

  11. your vest is killer! love it :)

  12. I love the yellow lamp from the first picture. My parents have the same at home forever and some day I will steal it for my house

  13. Look at you Mr. Bright! You have style (and you are a great stylist - just look at your lovely vignette!), you take awesome pictures and you can change a tire! Impressed!

    Warm hugs, Mon

  14. I love the wrapping paper! I love how your weekends are always so colourful!

    Have a great week ahead!

  15. whenever i see your london pics, i start to miss this city, love the big ben pic. and of course the letterpress card is gorgeous {as is your vest ;-)}

  16. Looks like a great weekend Will... xv

  17. @Igor - I think I'll be needing it in Munich next week! SO excited! xo

    @Michelle - I'll co sign that! ;)

    @Rachel - Thanks, lovely. I bought it from SMUG boutique in London but I've seen it online lots of places as well. Here's one store that sells then: Hope that helps! xx

    @Designwali - Isn't the Heath just beautfuil? Stunning views of London, too.

    @Jessie, classic casual home, Nuhu, homeboundtheheartoflife - Thanks so much! It's last season's Zara but I love it so much because it's warm and colourful!

    @Ashley - Thanks! That tree was so beautiful, I had to stop running back to the car (parking money had run out) to take a snap of it quickly!

    @fox and fawn - The little footprints are so sweet!

    @Camille - It's a lot easier than I thought it would be but not something I'd choose to do regularlly! ;)

    @Itzi - I loved its yellow hue from the moment I saw it!

    @Mon - Thank you lovely Mon. xx

    @Hannah - Isn't it fun? It's from The Conran Shop!

    @Vicki - Thanks for stopping by! xx

  18. I know very well Ferm Living I've used many times for the shootings I've prepared for the italian design magazine Grazia Casa.

  19. I have the same owl..never enough of them!

  20. I am loving your new finds, all that sweet jar needs is some old school sweets like rosy apples...or milk bottles! If your shopping for xmas cards take a peek at my blog today, im starting a week long celebration of xmas goodies found on etsy and all uk based!x

  21. What a lovely weekend Will! Apart from the tyre - I wouldn't know where to start :) Love the yellow lantern and the polar bear jumper - adorable :)

    Abbey x

  22. That little owl is so adorable Will!
    You always have such fun weekends ... shame about the tyre .. but we all need to know how to do it, if we own a car! :)

    Have a great week ..

  23. Great list of wonderful lovelies! I love those cards too...

  24. Good on you a loving and learning weekend!!
    From getting your hands dirty to taking fabulous photos, throw in a little shopping and voila....recipe for a fabulous weekend.
    Thanks Will you have brightened my Monday
    Carla x

  25. Blimming love that gold reindeer and your new purchases. The lamp is fab! Love that you included the pic of you changing the tire - that is real life!! (But you still look stylish!) :-)

    Rachie xo

  26. i love the blue jacket. thank you for inspire me regards

  27. That brass reindeer is totally to die for! Wonder how much moolah it is for?

  28. Look at you in the cute vest and able to change a tire! Something I must definitely learn someday - hopefully before I actually need to know how! Love your finds :)

  29. Oh no! Flat tire on the way to the country? Bummer, but always good to know how change it. I l o v e that christmas card, I'm starting to really feel in the spirit lately. xo

  30. @Deborah - Excellent choice; I love Grazia!

    @Ilaria, Marina - I'm addicted to buying little owls!

    @littletree - An excuse to buy sweets?! Love your thinking!

    @Abbey - Isn't it cute?! So tempted!

    @Lauren, White Tapestry - The little guy on the card is so sweet with his small foot prints!

    @Carla - You said it: the recipe for a fab weekend! Thanks for stopping by! xx

    @Rachie - The reindeer caught my eye in an instant! So fab! xx

    @wunderkammer, lisa - Thank you! It's from Zara last season.

    @Reshma - It's $48 and from here:

  31. I love your ten things lists so much. Probably because I get to catch a glimpse of your handsome face and stylish ensembles. That dapper brass reindeer in this one doesn't hurt either :)

  32. Can you look anymore adorbs changing tires in that vest and stripey shirt?! ;D

  33. I am in love with your vest, Will! You look so great!
    That candlestick holder is pretty rad too...


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