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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

H&M Home: Autumn/Winter Collection 2011

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Phew! That turned into a long one (sorry, folks!) but I just felt so inspired by H&M Home's latest range that I couldn't stop adding to the post. I visited their London outlet this past weekend and the great styling you see here is replicated in their in store visual merchandising (something that has vastly improved since their UK opening almost a year ago). The new H&M Home collection is a veritable feast of colourful patterns, tactile textures and great value basics. The buyers have clearly bought into the rustic-industrial trend which continues to see growth, but they've kept true to the striking, graphic nature of the brand's core range: illustrative prints of keys, toiletries and typography adorn many of their textiles, all of which are ideal pieces for adding personality to a space. Top marks from me! What do you think of H&M Home's A/W collection?


  1. Très jolie collection, thank you very much !!!!!

  2. If I had that toothpaste shower curtain (and a guest bathroom), I would hang it up in about two seconds. SO fun.

  3. Really love these great fabrics and patterns/ the colorways are terrif!

    Art by Karena

  4. I really love H&M clothing, but I'm feeling like their home stuff looks a bit too buy?!? (I know that must sound crazy coming from me!) But I feel like maybe the shots are a bit over-styled or perhaps a bit contrived looking? (nothing to take away from your darling post and sweet graphics that you've added, though!) and-- I'm sure the prices are unbeatable. xoxo

  5. I love this collection! Everything looks fabulous! My favorite is the toothpaste shower curtain and that table runner in the second picture! I wish H&M Home would open a store in the US!


  6. I adore these styles, especially the handtowels - they don't appear on the US site - darn! I like the styling too.

  7. It looks awesome! I don't know why they don't have a home section in any of our NYC stores...

  8. Well I'm loving this buffet of H&M Home products.. now I just need to know if they have a store nearby! I love touching and checking things before I buy them.. but based on what I see here, they've got really great stuff!

  9. H&M has a home store!?!?!

    1. How have I been missing this?


    2. I feel like I owe my credit card a formal apology in advance.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited to get shopping :)

  10. I love this collection! I wish we have H&M in Australia.


    accidental encounters

  11. there's so much that I like I might have to move house to fit it all in! just as well there isn't a store near me.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, folks, I love reading your thoughts and favourite picks from H&M Home's latest collection!

    @Justina - You're right, the prices are really, really good! I think the look of their Home brand is quite co-ordinated and graphic, and they tend to make products for whole rooms (shower curtain, towel, bath mat, wash bag etc)but if you pick and choose one or two pieces and work them into an existing scheme they can work really well.

  13. I love all of the gorgeous fabrics - so bright, colourful and lovely! Love the ampersand cushion too xx

  14. words can not describe my jealousy!

    i love, love, love these products. sadly they are not available in the state! kill me now!

  15. lovely stuff and as usual you make it look even better!

  16. Wow will, that post was fantastic, love h&m anyway but their homewares just keep getting better!tempting stuff...x

  17. Which one did you go to?
    I adore the styling - so slick and american. Love the checked bed linen and that toothpaste print best of all.
    Rachie xo

  18. The deep shades of plum are really working for me...getting excited to see these colors in nature come autumn, woop woop!

  19. Love, love, love I have always loved H&M being a NY girl H&M has long been a staple so a home collection is no different. Great pieces thanks for sharing!


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