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Monday 1 August 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved the windows on this converted warehouse building.
2. Pre-made pallet tables are often super expensive but this one is quite good value if you're looking for one.
3. Treated myself to these suede Blucher shoes from Zara.
4. Had a little fun jumpin' under the morning sun upon the steps of the Tate Britain gallery on Sunday.
5. Ummm, so this umbrella is kinda cool.
6. Enjoyed the beautiful colour and scent of the fresh blooms dotted around our flat.
7. Photographing the glimmering, shimmering typography of The London College of Fashion.
8. Ok, major secret guys: Zara Home stocks bedlinen that looks just like iconic Paul Smith stripe but for a fraction of the price. Run, don't walk!
9. How cute is this tea towel?
10. Catching the first boat on Sunday morning to the Tate Britain gallery meant we had the whole vessel to ourselves - bliss!


  1. The striped bed linen is gorgeous, thank you for the tip! Hope you had a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Your are right! That Zara bed linen looks exactly like the Paul Smith striped rug! How wonderful, thanks for the heads up! By the way, that striped umbrella is fabulous, too!


  3. Awww love the pic in no. 4 Will! When the big A and I use to live in London one of my FAV places to visit was the Tate Modern. Sorted me out whenever I felt homesick!!!

  4. i recently saw a coffee table in chartreuse made from a pallets and it was on wheels- it was so cool! love the bed linen too! happy monday Will! xx

  5. I'm always itching to make something of pallets- you have inspired me for my next project! Have a great week!!
    PS cute glasses !

  6. Love these peeks into your life & loves! What kind of camera do you use?

  7. Pallet boards! I love them, was just checking that one out just the other day, I feel another DIY moment coming one to go with the display ladders that I put together a week or so ago.

    where's my hammer and nails...

  8. Hi, thank you for the tip, after reading your post I checked zarahome webpage and pick my bike to buy it (NÂș 8). It looks great!

  9. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, folks!

    @Rebecca - I use my iPhone and my PEN camera to take most of my photographs.

  10. LOVING those shoes - I need to get J some!! You are so good at doing interesting things on weekends!!
    We definitely need to go out soon!
    rachie xo

  11. Ok, I don't know where I have been. Under a rock possibly....but, so glad I finally found my way over to your beautiful, happy and wonderful space. Your positive energy & great taste practically leap of the page. Definitely my new fave! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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