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Monday, 7 March 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

 1. My socks matched one of the coloured stripes in my Zara Home rug - a real life outfit to room!
2. Mini Moderns' new Whitby wallpaper is fantastic.
3. Fix up, look sharp! It's my new tie.
4. The print I won from the English Muffin shop arrived.
5. I loved this 60's desk caddy.
6. H&M Home's great visual merchandising caught my eye.
7. A quick stroll through The Conran Shop on Sunday afternoon.
8. Sunday Times Travel magazine makes me dream of exotic shores.
9. I like the stitching on these shoes.
10. This bowl is going onto my birthday wish list - seven days to go!


  1. Wow! The Conran shop looks so pretty and inviting!
    I do love the Whitby wallpaper really looks like it's from another time!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Will! Love your Zara home rug- so cheery & bright!

  3. Your posts are always so bright and beautiful; a visual feast for the eyes! Thanks for that!

  4. I don't blame you for being inspired to travel... I have been Island Hopping over on Northern Light Blog, come travel with me.... ;)

    Northern Light

    PS. there is even a beige space you just might like...

  5. Love. that. wallpaper. Oh, and your socks look fantastic with your rug!

  6. Your socks and that rug are too perfect!

    What a fun map print that you won!

    I'm obsessed with that ship wallpaper - so whimsical.

  7. Love the sock/rug color matching thing going there :) Great new tie.. and you look adorable in that photograph, of course.

  8. You bring so much good energy to the blog world, Will! Just look at all your smart, inspirational and colorful posts (and your socks - you are funny!). You never let your readers down.

    Warm hugs to you,


  9. Dearest Wil,

    Blogger seems to have a problem with the thumbnail of your (our!) first photo that is not showing on the sidebar of other bloggers... To fix it do the following, as I managed to do and solve it right away (you do this for each new blog and the present one!):

    Here we go!

    To have the first picture of your blogpost showing as a thumbnail on other blogrolls, you go back into Edit post and click the HTML button, Scroll down until you find the HTML code for the first picture in your post. Within that code you will find, once or twice this:


    You need to make a couple of modifications, this is what you want -

    To RECAP https becomes http:/ / and becomes

    Lots of love,
    Modern Country Lady

  10. Pisceans are the best. Happy Birthday for next week. x

  11. Oh man, anthropologie bowls will surely be the death of me. I don't dare bring home another or Tiho will start making me do all the dishes! ;)

    P.S. Looking sharp, sir!

  12. You're right, the new wallpaper from Mini Moderns look fab! They is no limit to their creativity and talent! plus they are 2 very nice guys

  13. What a bright and happy way to start a Monday And that cove ... !
    Speaking of matching, my Mini Moo biz cards have photos of the Trina Turk zebra raincoat that's featured in one of my blog post--and hanging in my closet. So sometimes I match my business cards. Crazy, I know.

  14. Great pics - the wallpaper is very cool and i really like your shoes and tie!! Oh and of course that stripy rug is fab!! xo

  15. H&M Home? How fun!xx


  16. Oh man, you sure know how give an interior design addict her daily fix! x

  17. in LOVE with that credenza. it is perfection!

  18. The more i see that whitby wall paper, the more i want it, especially in red

  19. Your blog makes me happy :)

  20. o love H&M's home visual merch too! how vintage.. id love to have one of those pillows :) lovely post-and socks!happy almost-birthday :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  21. I lOVE that you sat under the cherry blossom tree in the Conran shop - and of course the rug/sock combo. Fab color explosion :)
    WOW!! See you soon xox

  22. #1 - That rug is fab. I covet it.
    #2 - This post has so much eye candy I am getting flustered just thinking about it.

    ~Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

  23. Congrats on winning the map! I wanted it so bad but happy it's going to someone bright and cheery! And that rug, I want it...along with the socks and shoes too. Kthanksbye!

  24. Your rug is EPIC! And I love the tie that you got. So much pretty color on your blog Will!!
    Nancy xo

  25. english muffin print is so delish!

    happy almost birthday!!!

  26. ooh that bowl is birthday is only 11 days away!

  27. Great fluo rugs And what a pair
    Of socks!

  28. Hooray! I'm so glad the print arrived (always have a knot in my stomach when it comes to international shipping!) And... happy birthday from a fellow Piscean!

  29. You are georgeous !I love the pics, the style, all of it! Hi from sunny Rhodes, Greece!

  30. I love that happy rug with your happy socks. Also I ´d love to have a pink tree inside my living room!! great pictures, congratulations from Spain!!


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