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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Zara Home: Phase Two Spring/Summer 2011

After tempting us all with the first release of their 2011 spring/summer collection a few weeks ago, Zara Home has now published the second phase of the collection, and it's just as tempting as the first. Split into five different looks - Ethnic, Country, Colour, White and Chic - there's a vast array of colours, textures and fabrics to choose from. Each section of the collection has a standout piece, but overall I think my favourite items are the Diamond tumblers and the Smithy cushion. What's catching your eye?
1. Orlando cushion, £19.99 | 2. Radja blanket, £89.99 | 3. Velvet cushion, £9.99
1. Jimena jug, £9.99 | 2. Ploermel bread plate, £7.99 | 3. Dug cava flute, £5.99 | 4. Adena blanket, £89.99
1. Acacia photo frame, £15.99 | 2. Sunny cushion, £19.99 | 3. Aline blanket, £89.99
1. Velvet cushion, £9.99 | 2. Abigail napkin x4, £19.99 | 3. Hacienda rug, £319.99
1. Cruise rug, £89.99 | 2. Diamond tumbler x6, £3.99 | 3. Voyage blanket, £69.99
1. Rumbo rug, from £89.99 | 2. Olimpia plate charger x2, £9.99
1. Zigzag cushion, £19.99 each | 2. Jade cushion, £19.99  | 3. Advika cushion, £25.99
1. Smithy cushion, £19.99 | 2. Hector place mat x2, £12.99 | 3. Camomila napkin x4, £16.99


  1. Such a tease ....i LOVE Zara home but till this day i have no idea if they deliver to US...!! The chevron cushions are such a good deal!

  2. love the yellow and black chic bedroom.. those chevron pillows are gorg. lovely post! again, wish we had zara home in the states! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. ethnic, white, and colorful..sign me up. Zara taps into my piggy bank entirely too much, but I looove it.

  4. It is ruining my life that they don't ship to the US!!! Ok... that might be a little dramatic, but it is pretty bad.

  5. My favorite is the all white room! Yes! Love it.


  6. my god I love your blog!!! such beautiful photos.

    I have recently started my own...

    check it out if you have time :)

    R xx

  7. They all look so fresh! The purple is amazing!


  8. A wonderful post and as some people have already said a TEASE as there is not a Zara in sight around me :( and it makes me sad but being able to look at the gorgeous pictures is enough for now... I guess!!

  9. Looking good!

    I really like the brown zigzag pillows and the mauve linen table runners.

    Warm hugs to you,


  10. what a beautiful collection, definitely heading over there today to take a look ;-)

  11. they are amazing! especially the chic look is so adorable! love it!

  12. Have always loved Zara's clothes, and now love their design! The country collection is definitely my style, although I love the vibrant pink vibe in the ethnic look. Thanks for sharing the lovely inspiration!

    The French Mouse

  13. Today I go for the ethnic style, and white ... white always looks beautiful in bedrooms. Thanks for great inspiration as usual :)

  14. It's all so gorgeous, and easy on the wallet too! What's not to love?!

    ~Meera @ firstsense

  15. Zara is fantastic and I can't believe that they are launching here just as I am leaving the country..!
    The Stockholm store ain't bad so can't really complain.. :)

    The yellow 'chic' collection is lovely. The colour combination is wonderful and those brown runners fantastic.

    Hope you are well..

    x Charlotta

  16. Wow, so much to love! I think my fave collections are the white and chic - I'd really like the the Rambo rug in my bedroom, but the Cruise one is great too for some much-needed spring colour!

  17. Ooo, love the hot pink but that chevron 'rumbo rug' is incredible!

  18. oooh zara is my go-to fashion stop and i SO wish we could find their home collections in the US. Im digging the ethic prints.
    great post as always will.
    manvi @ mochatini

  19. Love this round up Will. H&M AND Zara Home - you guys are SO lucky!! I want to make a trip to the UK just to buy lots of amazing things for my home ;)

    I wouldn't think I'd be into country but I think that's my favorite look, along with the chic look too! xo. danni

  20. Look number 1 and 3 are my faves but i love them all! Zara home are rocking this season xx

  21. I love all of these so so so so much!!!

  22. Loving all of these bright colours Will, they are all gorgeous, but #3 is a favourite! xx

  23. Wow! They are all so gorgeous!!! Too bad we don't have it in Brazil yet! Love the post!


  24. I love the white on's so fresh! Really time for a bedroom redo!

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE! If only they were in the US too!


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