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Sunday 6 February 2011

Sunday's Bright Links

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Read about my current interiors crush inside the latest issue of Ivy & Piper.
Willing the arrival of spring? This 'Love Story' video for the spring/summer GANT collection may help.
Great Valentine's gifts for the gentleman in your life.
My friend, Dabito, has launched a lovely print shop.
This waste folder is clever and eco-friendly.
This week I guest posted for Roxy.
Kate Spade have launched a new tumblr blog.
'Patrick Grant: How I get dressed' is a brilliant video.


  1. I think Kate Spade's tumblr blog might be my newest addiction. I am excited to check out Ivy and Piper!
    Happy weekend Will!

  2. Love the colors in the photographs! Now I'm off on an adventure with the links.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. What a sweet surprise to see my print shop in the mix with other bright and lovely things. Thanksabunch! And dude, I know you follow some American football, so happy superbowl weekend!

  4. Thanks for the guide. I'm loving your blog, perfect for a winter's day.

  5. Oh I'm heading to those sites...
    I'll go to Kate Spade's blog first:)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love KS tumblr! Going to check all the rest! Hope you are having a great one Will xx

  7. Will! I truly enjoyed your little interview with Sarah! You sound like so much fun :) Hope you had a utterly lovely weekend!

  8. I loved your IV too - i also get grumpy when i'm hungry! Thanks for introducing me to Ivy and Piper - what great read - although it makes me yearn to live in Oz
    Loving the Kate Spade tublr too
    Rachie xo

  9. Ι get many RSS in my mail every day. I usualy take a quick look to most of them and keep what I really like. But you Bright Bazaar. I can't stop looking at your photos and I can't stop loving your blog. You are great.

  10. Hey there friend.
    Hope you are well and that the packing is progressing. Are you snowed under still? We've just had the most horrid two months here (as you know). Last week the category five tropical cyclone 'Yasi', now bushfires and floods in two other states.. and Sydney has had a heat wave. 44C on Saturday afternoon.. 37C at midnight.. Sigh! I am dreaming of Winter now..!

    Loving your links my dear. The checkered ties via Oh Joy are fantastic! Also thanks for the ups on Kate - just became a follower of her tumblr roll.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    xx C

  11. I love your terrific finds, links and 10 Things. Really, it's just fun to see a guy's take on things. #6, I am definitely wanting to jump into that photo. I am here but I am there.

  12. SO enjoyed our "natter", you are such a bright & sweet talent!

  13. I'm loving the Kate Spade tumblr..and you know I adored your natter with Miss S :)

  14. Fell in love with the Kate Spade sofa. I'm heading off to Covent Garden this week!


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